Inspiration for this year's holiday trip!

Time to start planning your family's vacation, but you still need some inspiration?

Choosing which resort to spend this year's summer or ski holiday at, can be a difficult choice! If you ask us, we of course think that Orsa Grönklitt is the obvious choice for the family's holiday!

At Orsa Grönklitt, the first lift was opened in 1965, since then we have been lucky enough to receive our fantastic visitors year after year. At the resort, we work hard to constantly improve our product and the experience for our guests, both summer and winter. The facility employs a fantastic staff with great credentials and an enormous knowledge from everything from skiing, cycling to nutrition and education.

Through our inspiration pages, we hope to inspire you to make your choice of this year's holiday trip or help you get started with your and your family's interest in bare ground training and skiing.


Orsa Grönklitt - an adventure all year round!

There are so many gems in Orsa Grönklitt, it's only the imagination that stops!

Pojke som åker slalom under Bärra hinder i Orsa Grönklitt

Winter adventures

Welcome to our winter world in Dalarna and the first touch of the mountains. Here you will find the best of two ski worlds!

Barn som skrattar i Orsa Grönklitt

Experience spring winter

Take a break in everyday life and enjoy skiing both cross-country and cross-country. Experience breathtaking views and early spring at its best.

Pappa och dotter som klättrar i Grönklitts klätterpark

Summer adventures

Summer in Orsa Grönklitt invites you to a large amount of fun summer activities that suit young and old.

Familj som plockar bära i skogen i Orsa Grönklitt

Experience autumn

Enjoy the wonderful autumn in Orsa Grönklitt. A time when the trees change color and the temperature drops, offering a fresh and clear air.

Development of the summer product in Orsa Grönklitt

Killar som åker rullskidor upp för vägen mot Orsa Grönklitt

Summer is the cross-country skier's best friend

How to train best during the bare ground season? Urban Nilsson, Sports Director in Orsa Grönklitt, shares his tips!

Manlig MTBåkare i Flowtrailen i Orsa Grönklitt!

Cycling reaches new heights

Congratulations to those who like cycling. Now a new area of technology is making an entrance and taking cycling in Orsa Grönklitt to new levels.

Pojke som hoppar med MTB i Orsa Grönklitts Skill area

Orsa Grönklitt - a growing summer destination

By tradition, Orsa Grönklitt has been known for its pristine nature, with wilderness and a first touch of the mountains. In the summer, the grounds have been frequently visited for hiking, running, roller skiing and MTB cycling. 

Kvinna åker Zipline i klätterpaken i Orsa Grönklitt

This year's news

Before each season, we invest in the plant to improve both our summer and winter product. Here you can read more about the upcoming season's news!

Train for this year's Vasaloppet

Manlig cyklist som tävlar i MTB i Orsa Grönklitt

Summer Vase

Vasaloppet's summer week is a perfect destination for those looking for a good finish and inspiration for their training during the summer. Sommarvasan consists of several different races in both cycling and running.

Glad skidåkare i Orsa Grönklitt

Winter Week

Develop your skiing

Längdåkare i snötäckt miljö i Orsa Grönklitt

The right equipment for cross-country skiing

To get a good overall experience / training of your skiing, it is important to have the right equipment!

We help you find the right equipment that suits you!

Två skidåkare på längdskidor ute i spåret i Orsa Grönklitt

Reach new levels with your skiing - book a lesson

Interest in cross-country skiing is only growing, so is the desire to develop and find new levels in their technique. With the help of a ski lesson, everything goes so much easier, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced skier. The result is usually astounding.