Activities in Orsa Grönklitt

Activities in Orsa Grönklitt

In Orsa Grönklitt you will find the next adventure right outside the door, all year round.

Orsa Grönklitt is a large lovely playground all year round, for both adults and children. Here you will find lots of activities to choose from, to plan the very best holiday week and adventure for the whole family. Whether you're looking for adventure and challenges, peace and quiet or fun sports games, most of it is within walking distance of both accommodation and restaurants.

In winter, In addition to fantastic skiing both downhill and cross-country, Orsa Grönklitt offers a variety of activities that suit the whole family. Here you will find, among other things, dog sledding, snowmobile safaris, sleigh rides in combination with food, après-ski, padel, winter fishing, winter hiking, leader-led activities, evening skiing, snow park and exciting programs for holidays and holidays.

For the children in the family, we offer a variety of activities that in a playful way help you get started with your skiing, both in alpine and cross-country.

In the summer, Orsa Grönklitt offers a wide range of family-oriented activities including pool swimming, ball sports area, mini golf, high-altitude course, Orsa Predator Park, exciting experience trails, disc golf, playgrounds, sandy beach, fishing and much much more.

For those who want a little more training in your activities, you will find, among other things, cycling activities, canoe orienteering, SUP, kayaks, roller ski tracks, trails for running and mountain biking and orienteering trails.

All year round you will find a variety of activities both on site and in the surrounding area to experience. With the forest just outside the door, you will find great opportunities for both berry and mushroom picking and lovely paths to cozy barbecue areas. With us you also live with the perfect exit location to several local attractions, such as Helvetetsfallet, Storstupet, Hansjö country store, Fryksås shack, Korpimäki, Skräddar-Djurberga fäbod, and Stopån.

Choose Orsa Grönklitt, for an active and perfect holiday in Sweden, in beautiful Dalarna and the Siljan region!

Familj runt lägereld i Orsa Grönklitt

Summer activities

Orsa Grönklitt offers lots of activities such as cycling, hiking, high altitude course, roller skiing, mini golf, disc golf, swimming in pool or lake, fishing, padel, canoe, sup and much more.

Glad kvinna som står på knä och pimpelfiskar på Rädsjön i Orsa Gröklitt

Winter activities

Orsa Grönklitt offers lots of activities such as downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, leader-led activities, snowmobile safaris, dog sledding, padel, ski lessons and much more.

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Children's Grönklitt

In Orsa Grönklitt, the children will have their best holiday week of the year, regardless of when in the year you visit us. Here you will find lots of fun activities to discover together.

Familj på slalomskidor som står tillsammans nedanför en alpinbacke i Orsa Grönklitt

Winter adventures

In Orsa Grönklitt there is so much more than skiing down the mountain and cross-country. The stunning winter landscape invites both adventure and experience.


Summer adventure

Orsa Grönklitt is a growing summer destination and invites you to fun adventures and experiences that suit the whole family.

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Experience spring in Grönklitt

Hiking, the first bike ride, lunch out at a slogbod, visits to various local sights, enjoy nature, the opportunities to recharge your batteries and experience a lovely spring holiday in Orsa Grönklitt are great.

Familj som plockar bära i skogen i Orsa Grönklitt

Experience autumn in Grönklitt

Berry picking, climbing park, forest adventure, hiking, healthy bike rides, visits to various local sights, complete enjoyment of nature and the beautiful autumn colors, here you will find lots of activities for an energizing autumn holiday.