Booking terms

Our booking terms

With our cancellation insurance you can book your visit with confidence.

Securing your holiday on time means that you have more choices of available accommodations and gives you something to look forward to. We always recommend purchasing our cancellation insurance. Here you can read all about our booking terms.

Who is responsible?
When does my booking count as confirmed?
When do I need to pay?
What happens if I do not pay on time?
But what if something happens to me?
What if I want to cancel?
Cancellation of lessons, ski school and activities
What are my rights?
What are my obligations?
What happens if we do not agree?
Wars, natural disasters, strikes, etc.
Snow guarantee
Soluppgång över snöbelagd stugby

Cancellation insurance

Book with confidence - buy our cancellation insurance. The cost is 395 SEK.

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