Summer adventure at Orsa Grönklitt

Fun summer activities for the whole family

It's summer, it's a holiday and ideally the day would have at least twenty-four more hours so we had time to enjoy everything before it gets darker and colder again. Most of our guests are hungry for adventure. The way in which hunger is satiated varies. With our range of summer activities, however, no one goes home without being satisfied!

Welcome to the summer adventure in Orsa Grönklitt!

Pappa med son och dotter på cykel som tittar cykelleder på mobilen.

The adventure awaits in the mountains, all year around!

Two girls playing in the pool at Orsa Grönklitt!


Enjoy a magical summer with adventures like hiking, cycling and elk safari. At Orsa Grönklitt you can enjoy an active summer vacation filled with lots of fun things to do, for the whole family!

Familj runt lägereld i Orsa Grönklitt


Enjoy a colorfull fall in Sweden with cycling, hiking, trail running, high ropes area and lot´s of more fun activities. Discover the good pantry that the forest has to offer such as blueberries and mushrooms.

3 grabbar i alpin utrustning står på led i norrbacken i Orsa Grönklitt


Experience the magical winter at Orsa Grönklitt. The winter landscape invites not only fantastic alpine skiing and cross-country skiing, but also fun adventures and experiences like dogsled, snowmobile safari and kids club.


Package deals

During the year, we create favorable offers tailored to you, regardless of whether you intend to visit Orsa Grönklitt with the family for a week or enjoy a weekend one-on-one.

Orsa Rovdjurspark tiger

Predator package during week 33-38

Package offer with two days in selected accommodation, two adults and two children including a day entrance for the family to Orsa Predator Park. Price: 1950 sek.


Orsa Predator Park

Orsa Predator Park is northern Europe's largest predator park with Sweden's only polar bears and the largest tiger species in the world, the Amur tiger. The Predator Park closes at 6 November. 

Pappa och son som klättrar i Grönklitts Klätterpark

Grönklitt Climbing park

Make your way through six different courses, 62 obstacles and Ziplines in varying difficulty levels and altitude levels in our new Climbing park.


Biking in Orsa Grönklitt

The biking in Orsa Grönklitt offers a great variety that suits everything from the curious family, the beginner and the experienced mtb cyclist. 

HA2619 Stor (466453)


Discover the wilderness on foot. In the nature around Orsa Grönklitt and the surrounding area there are several hiking trails that are short, long, flat, steep and unpaved.

Most of our guests are hungry for adventure. With our range of activities, no one goes home without being satisfied!

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