Coffe at a cozy shelter

Coffee trip to a cozy shelter

There are few things that beat the feeling of enjoying food outdoors that you grilled yourself over an open fire. At Orsa Grönklitt there are lots of choices for you and your party to find your favorite place to rest.

Packing a packed lunch and heading out to a shelter or barbecue area is something that is just as wonderful all year round! Whether it's a beautiful place to have coffee and the sandwich, or if you want to make lunch over an open fire.


At our children's hill and the four-chair lift you will find a larger barbecue area. During the winter, the barbecue areas are lit by the staff!

Barbecue area near the bath

Right next to Rädsjön and the beach you will find a nice barbecue area with several seating options.

Staff tips on tours

A tour with younger children

A perfect tip for anyone with young children is the shelter by the canoes, straight down from the Activity center. If you start your tour at the Activity center, you can jump on Bärra's hiking trail to get there.!

Familj som sitter framför lägereld

A ride with a stroller or wheelchair

Along the Multibanan you will find three nice resting areas with a shelter and fireplace! The multi-track is paved, which means that it is accessible for everyone to get around on. The course is about 5 km. Our staffs tip of the cosiest resting area to visit, is the one at Rädsjöstugan!

A longer trip

If you want to go on a slightly longer trip, we recommend hiking along the Green Mile. There you will find a cozy shelter after about 5-6 km.

The bike ride

If you want to take your bike with you on a trip, we recommend cycling up to the shelter which is placed on the top of Berguven / Norrtoppen. From here you have a magical view to enjoy while enjoying coffee or lunch!