Manlig personal som hyr ut slalomutrustning i Sportshoppen i Orsa Grönklitt!

Sports shop and ski rental in Orsa Grönklitt

 Orsa Grönklitt's sports shop and ski rental

At Sporthopen there are staff with years of experience and passion to give our guests the best experience on slopes and trails.

In our Sports Shop and Ski Rental you will find equipment for downhill and cross-country skiing. We have options for everyone – from beginners to professionals. In Skiduthyrningen there is the opportunity to rent equipment for those who do not own one or for those who want to test the latest technology. In Sportshopen, staff work with many years of experience in ski service who are happy to make sure that your equipment is on top. In sportshopen you will find everything from socks and hats, from wax, poles and alpine skis. The ski rental and Sportshop share premises, behind the Guest Center.

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Here you register the people who will rent equipment and also have the opportunity to book an appointment for collection.

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Rules for rent

  • It is forbidden to rail with rental skis
  • It is only allowed to go in trails and slopes with rented skis. Not on e.g. sanded roads.
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In the ski rental there is a large selection! Among other things, there are alpine, telemark, cross-country and snowboarding. Plastic sledges and snowracers are also available for rent.

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About Sportshopen

In the Sports Shop there is all the equipment for a lovely day in the snow. Do you have your own alpine equipment that needs some love? In our ski service there are years of experience when it comes to grinding and waxing. We help you so that you and your equipment are tip top until when you carver through the corduroy – from the first to the last run. With us you will find everything from socks and hats, from wax, poles and alpine skis. Here you will find lots of goods from well-known brands that suit our climate. If you are looking for cross-country skis, there are simpler models to buy here, at Längdcentrum you will find a larger selection.

Try it first - buy later!

Are you thinking about upgrading your existing equipment?
In the ski rental you can test rent all models. When buying complete equipment (skis and boots) you also get at least 15% discount on the regular price.

Slalomhjälmar i Sportshoppen i Orsa Grönklitt

Helmet + goggles

Buy both helmet and goggles and get 15% off the regular price. Welcome to the store!