For your safety, we have adapted our ski rental to this winter. You register and make an appointment for online pickup. Follow the steps below. 

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    Book pick-up time
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    Collect equipment
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    Return equipment


NOTE! To rent ski equipment from us, it is mandatory to register.

Click on the link below and fill in your details. It is a must that all persons who are to rent equipment are registered before the visit.

Have you rented skis from us before? Then we already have your information saved in our system and you can proceed to step number 2. If you need to change any of the information (shoe size, weight, length, etc.), you need to fill in all the fields again. Your personal profile is then updated with the correct information.

After you have registered, click on button next above to get to the next step - booking an appointment.


Opportunity to book an appointment for collection

Here you book a time to pick up your equipment in the ski rental. In this way, we create a better flow during the day and reduce the formation of queues and the risk of infection spreading. One time applies per party.

NOTE! Registration is mandatory to rent your ski equipment, if you have rented before you are registered

NOTE! After completing the appointment, you will receive a confirmation sent to your email address. The confirmation states your booking ID, which you need if you want to change or check your time.

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For those of you who have pre-booked a pick-up time:

Report that you are on site via a time-booked queue app via the q-cloud app or via a physical queue app that you find at the entrance to the Sports Shop.

Once on site outside the ski rental, there is a display that shows your first name and when your name turns green, it is your turn to take a time-booked queue note in the app or physical note at the entrance.

Drop-in on site at the ski rental:

For those of you who have not pre-booked a time for collection, it is possible to take a queue drop-in, via the app on the phone or a physical queue at the entrance to the Sports Shop. NOTE! You need to register in step 1 before your visit.

Things to keep in mind:

- There is no possibility to test boots or change inside the Sports Shop, this to reduce the time and the risk of spreading the infection. However, it is possible to test boots in the tent outside the Sports Shop. - We are cashless - payment is by card or Swish.

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Return takes place on the gable at the ski rental.

Please note that you do not need to book a return time.

Remember to keep your distance while you wait for your equipment to be returned.

Helmets and poles are always disinfected after each customer.

Changing equipment

When changing equipment, select the option "Change" as a queue app, via app or physical queue app.