Skidlärare i Orsa Grönklitt som håller lektion med skidelever som tränar kordination med en boll.

Cross-country ski school - for beginners and elite

Develop your cross-country skiing

It's never too late to learn to ski cross-country or to improve your current technique. One or more lessons, privately or in groups, always make a big difference for exercisers as well as experienced Vasalopp skiers.

Our instructors at the Cross Country Centre all have high competence and several of them are active competitive skiers with fine merits from both the Swedish Championship and the Vasaloppet. We work according to the Swedish Ski Association's material and keep up to date with the latest in technology development.

To maximize your lesson, we recommend a private lesson where we focus entirely on your specific conditions and ambitions. You can also raise the bar with booking filming, a very educational and effective work tool.

Another option is to book a group lesson, alone or together with a group of friends.

Training camp, for the larger group
For those of you who are a whole group, we can also create training camps where, in addition to technical instructions, we offer lectures on diet, training and equipment.

Cross-country lesson

A ski lesson can be conducted in many different ways depending on the number of participants and technical skills. You can book a personal trainer for individual or as a group.

Group lesson

If there are no specific requests, the lessons usually touch on all gears in the respective technique (skate or classic). A ski lesson is adapted to the individual's or the whole group's ability and wishes both in terms of exercises and choice of places to perform training.

Private and couples lesson

Private and pair lessons are better suited if you are a beginner and want to learn to cross-country skiing completely from scratch or if you have specific wishes in areas you want to improve. It can also be possible to be several if the riders are at an equal level in their technology development.

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Filming is a good educational instrument and gives the lesson another level .

For 150 SEK extra/person you can get filming during your ski lesson. The time of the lesson will be the same as without filming.

Booking of filming and payment is made at the cross-country center just before your lesson begins.

Skidåkare som åker längdskidor i tidig gryning.

New - group lesson!

In Group Lesson, together with other skiers and an instructor, you can develop your skiing and get tips for a wonderful experience on the ski trail. The group lesson is aimed at the group of friends or for you who want to develop your skiing together with others. Beginner or a little experienced skater. Group lessons are given only in the classical style.

The price is 500 SEK/person and there are 6 places. The minimum is 2 people. The group lesson is at 10.15-11.30 and 13.30-14.45. Meeting place and booking conditions can be found below.

To book use the form below or contact our booking: +46772 280 100.

Good to know

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Cancellation policy

Private Camp

We are happy to create customized camps for you as a group or association based on your conditions. In addition to technology instructions, we can offer lectures on diet, training and equipment. At The Cross Country Centre, we have unique expertise in herding and equipment and also a successful collaboration with Lager 157 Ski Team.

Send the request to The Cross Country Centre via email


Training camp

If you want to develop your skiing further, our training camps are a perfect tip. During the year we organize several ski camps in Orsa Grönklitt, both in classic skiing and skate.