Familj på slalomskidor som står tillsammans nedanför en alpinbacke i Orsa Grönklitt

The best ski holiday in the family

Time to create amazing ski memories, together!

In Orsa Grönklitt, the children are always in focus! Together with Bärra, the children's best friend, we have created ski opportunities and activities around us so that the children can have their best week of the year.

Orsa Grönklitt offers sun, snow and skis to both small and large families. There is fantastic alpine skiing and superb cross-country trails for both young and old from November to April. Stay near the slopes or near restaurants, shops and ski rentals. Snow-proof, close and familiar.

In the children's own ski areas , Blueberry Bärra helps the children take their first turns with the skis and then get their first off-piste experience. Here everything is adapted for small snow monsters with light lifts and slopes, short cross-country tracks and playful teaching..

When the little skier legs are tired and need a break, there are a variety of activities to spend the days with. Everything from leader-led activities, our clubhouse Varglyan, snowmobile safaris, ice fishing and much, much more.

Our mascot, Blueberry Bärra, loves skiing as much as us and often comes to visit during the winter. His friends in Blåsbärsskogen love when the children come to visit, which is why he has made sure that all children under 7 years old travel for free in Orsa Grönklitt. The only requirement he has is that you have to wear a helmet!

Welcome here, enjoy skiing, experience winter activities close to nature and above all, create fantastic family memories together!

Alpinåkande pojke med vy utför en pist i Orsa Grönklitt

Free skiing for children under 7 years old

Statistics show that children move less and less. For us, it is important that children at an early age learn the fun of just moving. In Orsa Grönklitt, all children under the age of 7 travel for free, the only requirement is that you wear a helmet!

Personal development for everyone in the family

Starting the holiday week with a ski lesson or ski school is a perfect foundation stone for a remaining holiday with fantastic and fun skiing, for the whole family. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced skier who just wants to file a little extra on the technique!

Pojke i skidskola i Orsa Grönklitt

Alpine ski school

Ski school is a perfect foundation for starting a long-term skiing career and is something you will carry with you for the rest of your life. With the right technique, skiing becomes both easier and more fun!

Kvinnlig instruktör håller längdlektion i Orsa Grönklitt

Cross-country ski school

Sharpening the technique a bit is never wrong. Through the right technique, you will have more energy in your skiing, which means that you will be able to ski both faster and longer!

Blåbäret Bärra åker slalom nedför barnbacken i Orsa Grönklitt

Ski fun with Blueberry Bärra

Learn to ski in a playful way together with Blueberry Bärra. Discover bärra's winter world and try out all the different ski challenges that exist around the resort.

Maskoten Bärra med 3 barn framför sig i alpina kläder

Playful training with Carrier Badges

Do you fix taking the lift up to the top of the children's slope yourself, riding in the track and doing high fives with the old men?  If so, the alpine bronze is yours. For the same denomination in length, you go one lap around the stadium all by yourself, up and down the stadium's hill three times and if you fall, you get up without help. With the bronze kirrat, you can move on with silver and then gold!

Barn som ser på film i Varglyan i Orsa Grönklitt

Meet new friends in Varglyan

Bärra the blueberry has its own playroom called Varglyan. Welcome to the warmth to rest your legs, play, do crafts, play video games, watch movies and much more fun!

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Spend time with friends and family

To create memories for life, you do it best by gathering everyone you hold dear and spending time together! During holidays and holidays, there are lots of fun activities for the whole family to take part in.


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Food in Orsa Grönklitt

In Orsa Grönklitt there is a wide range of food and experiences for the whole family! Whether it's a cozy dinner or a filling lunch after a few hours on the slopes, there are good alternatives. You can choose whether you wish to eat at one of our restaurants or cafes or visit our Ica ToGo to make your own food in the cottage. All our eateries are located at a convenient distance from pistes and trails.


Orsa Grönklitt - Accommodation that suits everyone

Familj som åker längdskidor i Orsa Grönklitt

Alpine or cross-country skiing? Here you don't have to choose!

With the combi card, you can alternate freely between the cross-country and slalom skis!