Experience autumn at Orsa Grönklitt

Enjoy a lovely and fresh autumn in beautiful valleys!

Experience nature's beautiful color changes, pick berries or mushrooms and try one of all the activities. Here we give you some lovely autumn favorites! Enjoy the wonderful autumn at Orsa Grönklitt. A time when the trees change color and the temperature drops, offering a fresh and clear air.

Perfect for activities close to nature such as hiking, trail running and cycling. Even during the autumn, the range of activities is great. Climb in your new climing park, sharpen the shape of the multi-ski course or canoe on Rädsjön. Discover the forest's large pantry in several places around Orsa Grönklitt with both plants, berries and mushrooms.

The rental at The Activity center of bicycles and canoes is open until September 30, although trails and other activities are of course open until the onset of winter.

Our three autumn tips

Pojke plockar blåbär och delar dem med sin glada hundvalp i Orsa Grönklitt - en fin stund av delad glädje i naturen.

Autumn tip 1 – Enjoy nature's pantry

Discover all the wonderful nature has to offer, right outside the cottage door. The leaves change color and it will be time to replenish the supplies for the winter. Berries, mushrooms and other edible plants. Pack your backpack with coffee, reinforcement garments, lace up your boots and take your basket or bucket out with you.

En slipsten som finns på orsa slipstensmuseum

Autumn tip 2 – Discover the countryside 

Welcome to Orsa! With its location in traditional Dalarna and close to the entire Siljan region, there is a fantastic cultural offering to discover. Here you can take part in the power of nature in mountainous forests, lake life around Lake Orsasjön, in nature reserves and miles of forest landscapes with many easily accessible excursion destinations.

Kaffepanna som koksd över öppeneld på en grillplats i Orsa Grönklitt.

Autumn tip 3 – Lunch in the nature

Packing a packed lunch and heading out to one of our barbecue areas is something that is just as wonderful all year round! Choose your own beautiful place to have coffee and sandwiches, or if you want to barbecue our lunch over an open fire.

Två pojkar som klättrar i Grönkitts klätterpark

Grönklitt climbingpark

An exciting adventure, high up among the threes! Make your way through six different courses, 62 obstacles and ziplines. The climbingpark is open on Saturdays and Sundays until 18/9-2022.


Springande ben med vy över Orsasjön i Orsa Grönklitt

The great adventure of Orsa Grönklitt!

Every day turns into a new adventure and for those who also want to experience the immediate area, you live with a good starting point to several sights and activities such as Helvettesfallet and Storstupet.