Winterbreak at Orsa Grönklitt

Winterbreak at Orsa Grönklitt

Experience the thrill of extended ski days with your loved ones in a picturesque winter wonderland, and enjoy an abundance of exciting activities for when ski-weary legs need a break.

Experience the thrill of extended ski days with your loved ones in a our winter wonderland, and enjoy an abundance of exciting activities for when ski-weary legs need a break.

Winterbreak at Orsa Grönklitt – that time of the year when the days are finally getting brighter, and the ski lifts stay open a bit longer! No matter what kind of ski vacation you desire for your sport break, we guarantee a delightful getaway that suits the entire family. Say hello to our friendly mascot, Blåbäret Bärra, indulge in delectable cuisine at our restaurants, and create cherished moments with friends and family in a beautiful environment. Here, you'll find a plethora of enjoyable activities that cater to all ages.

During the weekend of week 7, we are thrilled to once again host two Ski Classics events.

If you're planning a ski trip during our sport break weeks, we highly recommend booking well in advance, as our accommodations tend to fill up quickly

  • 11 February - 3 March
  • Orsa Grönklitt

No winterbreak without skiing

Winterbreak at Orsa Grönklitt – that time of year when the days finally get brighter and the lifts are open longer! Enjoy long, lovely days on the slopes and trail and plenty of other activities when the skier's legs get tired.

Pojke på slalomskidor som tittar ut över pistad nedfart i Orsa Grönklitt

Children's Orsa Grönklitt

Here in Orsa Grönklitt there is always something fun going on! From Monday to Saturday there are a variety of exciting leader-led activities to participate in. Our popular mascot Blåbäret Bärra is often involved and makes it mischievous fun. Join us on adventures – there's lots of fun for young and old alike.

Maskoten Bärra med 3 barn framför sig i alpina kläder

Ski fun with Bärra

Develop family skiing

Skidskola Orsa Grönklitt

Alpine Ski School

Our alpine ski school is well known for its high level of teaching and well suited for both beginners, children and adults. One of the secrets is that we have a lot of fun together. We offer everything from the opportunity for a personal trainer to group ski school for children, young people and adults.


Cross-country ski school

The competence of our instructors is very high, we are happy to help both you who are beginners in cross-country skiing and you who are aiming for a top position in Vasaloppet. You can book a personal trainer for individual or as a group.

20200229 Dag 2 165 Stor (550393)

Book ski rental

Poor space in the car? Rent your equipment from us instead! Here there is also the unique opportunity to test the equipment before purchase, if you are looking to buy new equipment and or want to test the latest model.

Activities for the whole family

Make dinner an experience

Toppen 1 Stor (84398)

Dinner at Toppstugan

From Toppstugan, located at 561 meters above sea level, you have a beautiful panoramic view of Lake Orsa and Lake Siljan.

Våffeltur fryksås

Sleigh ride with dinner

Ride a horse and sleigh in the light of the torches through Grönklittsskogen to Smidgården. A 2-course dinner is served for dinner.


Waffle tour to Fryksås

The waffle ride takes you in the old-fashioned way by sleigh through the forest to Smidgården. Here you eat the waffles in a cozy environment with magnificent views of Lake Orsa and Lake Siljan.


Dinner in Rädsjöstugan

Bring and invite you to a nice and different dinner in our beautifully located fire stool hut on the shore of Lake Rädsjön.

There is always time for a good coffee

42060141 Pouring Hot Drink Out Of Thermos At A Campsite Person (1)

Fika out in nature

The surroundings around the facility are made for a wonderful food / coffee experience outdoors or in your own little nooks.


Enjoy a hot chocolate at Ugglan &; Björnen

Sit down and enjoy a good coffee. There are lighter pastries and sandwiches to choose from.

Ski Classic, February 17-18, 2024!