Liten tjej i alpinutrustning som kramar Blåbäret Bärra

Wintry children's activities

Winter fun for all children

In Orsa Grönklitt, the children should have their best week of the year, which is why we offer so much more than just fantastic skiing.

Here in Orsa Grönklitt we always have something fun going on! From Monday to Saturday there are a variety of exciting leader-led activities to participate in. Our popular mascot Blueberry Bärra is often involved in making sure that it is mischievous fun. Join us on adventures – there is a lot of fun for both young and old.

That children learn best through play, is something Blueberry Bärra has really taken on. Together with our talented employees, he has developed several fun activities that help the children develop their skiing. Read more during ski fun with Bärra!

Note, during the holidays we have a separate program for our activities.


Blueberry Bärra has its own playroom called Varglyan. Here, all children and parents are welcome in the warmth to rest their legs, play, do crafts, play video games, watch movies and much more fun. Some days of the week we have fancy theme hours from 14:00 to 15:00.

No pre-registration is required.

Open: Monday-Saturday 12.45-16.00.
Price: 100 SEK/day, 350 SEK/week and 500 SEK/season.

Leader-led activities - a parent-free moment for all children

Our leader-led activities start from week 2
Note, during Christmas and New Year we have a separate program for leader-led activities.

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Ski fun with Bärra

To become a really good skier, you have to fall at least 100 times, says the Blueberry Bärra. Learning to ski should be linked to joy and playfulness. That's why we've created ski fun with Bärra, which is based on just that. Together with the Blueberry Bärra, who is the children's best friend in Orsa Grönklitt, we have created various skiing opportunities around the resort. Whether it's cross-country skiing or alpine skiing.

Blåbäret Bärra åker slalom i barnbacken i Orsa Grönklitt

Bärra answers questions

Flicka i alpinutrustning med Bärra Blåbär i bakgrunden

Bärra's tip walk

The tip walk is located in Blueberry Forest. Map and answer stack are picked up in Varglyan. If the child has completed the entire tip walk, the answering salon is left in Varglyan, corrected and the child receives a surprise.

Answering salons are bought in Varglyan, open Monday-Saturday at 12.45-16.00.
Price: 50 SEK/answering salon

Blåbäret Bärra slår high five med slalom åkande flicka i barnbacken i Orsa Grönklitt

Berry's Bingo

If the child managed to get bingo, passed the challenges and filled one of the rows, the tile is handed in at Varglyan and the child gets a surprise.

Bingo tickets are purchased in Varglyan open Monday-Saturday 12.45-16.00.
Price: 50 SEK/tray

Blåbäret Bärra åker slalom i barnbacken i Orsa Grönklitt

Bärra badges

Do you fix taking the lift up to the top of the children's slope yourself, riding in the track and doing high five with the old men?  If so, the alpine bronze is yours. For the same denomination in length, you go a lap around the stadium all by yourself, up and down the hill of the stadium three times and if you fall, you get up without help. Once you have succeeded in the bronze, you can move on with silver and then gold!

Blåbäret Bärra står mitt i slalombacken i Orsa Grönklitt

Blueberry Bärra's own song

Of course, Blueberry Bärra also has its very own song. It's a wonderful song to dance to for all the kids who like our mascot Bärra.