Nature, the most fun playground!

Welcome to nature!

In nature, we all have a chance to discover and explore. Thanks to the right of public access, we can go on adventures in the woods and fields, kayak or maybe set up a tent and sleep under the stars. But we must also think about taking care of our beautiful nature and showing respect for both animals and people. Remember the rule "Do not disturb - do not destroy!" and we can continue to enjoy all the exciting and beautiful that nature has to offer.

Being out in nature is fantastic for both body and soul. There is so much to discover and explore, and it's extra fun when you're with friends and family.

Imagine that you are walking through the forest and suddenly you see a fox sneaking past. Or that you find a hidden lake where you can swim and play. Or that you climb a mountain top and have a fantastic view of the surroundings. All this and much more you can experience when you are out in nature!

There are many fun things to do when you are out in nature. You can play games like the hide game or cube, or you can look for treasures hidden in the forest. You can build huts and camp overnight, or you can have a coffee at a cozy barbecue area.

It is also important to take care of nature when we are out playing. We should not litter or destroy the beauty that is around us. We can instead pick up rubbish that others have thrown away and leave nature just as we found it.

We must all help each other to preserve and protect our amazing nature, so that we can enjoy it for a long time. Remember that the right of public access does not always apply everywhere, so it is important to find out what applies to each place.

So take the chance and get out into nature! There is so much to discover and so many fun things to do. And who knows, maybe you'll find something that you've never seen or experienced before.

Let's take care of our nature together!


Bärra's best play tips for nature!

The blueberry Bärra is a happy little berry that loves to play outside in nature. He enjoys running around, climbing trees and playing the game of hide-and-seek with his friends. Every day is an adventure for Blueberry Bärra as he gets to explore all the fun that nature has to offer! Here he shares his best games out in nature!

Vandring i skogen med Blåbäret Bärra tema - följ med på äventyr i Orsa Grönklitt.

1. Treasure hunt

Hide a thing out in nature and then give the person who is going to look a few clues where the treasure may be. For example, it can be under a spruce, buried in something brown, etc.

Naturskog med slingrande stig - somrig skönhet i Orsa Grönklitt.

2. Build a hut

Collect sticks and twigs and build a hut or tipi out in the woods. It is both a fun and creative task.

Pappa och barn på Bärras äventyrsstig - glädjefylld vandring i Orsa Grönklitt.

3. Nature's Bingo

Make a bingo map with pictures of different things that you can find in nature, such as a squirrel, a leaf of a certain color or a stone of a special shape. Swap maps with each other and let the search begin!

Skylt med Blåbäret Bärra på och texten Äventyrsstig - välkommen till äventyrliga stunder i Orsa Grönklitt.

4. Go exploring

Take your parents for a walk in nature and look for small details that you might not notice otherwise. It can be anything from insects to feathers and leaves.

5. Barque Boat Race

Find a waterway and run a really fun Barkbåts race. You compete to see who can make your bark boat float the fastest in the water. To make bark boats, you can use bark from the trees and then compete by dropping them into the water and see who wins the race.

6. Follow John

Following John is a game in which one person is "John" and everyone else tries to imitate his movements and actions. It is important to be quick to follow suit and do the same as John does.

Blueberry Bärras maps

Bärra's activity round

Bärra's adventure trail

Bärra's favorite places

The blueberry Bärra loves nature and wants it to be nice and healthy for all the animals and plants that live there.

He knows that it is important that we humans take care of the environment, so that we can continue to have fun and discover all the beauty that is out there.

Bärra thinks we should pick up rubbish, use reusable items and think about how we can help the environment when we play and have fun. He is a true environmental hero and wants everyone to help save nature. Bärra is convinced that if we all help each other and take care of the environment, we can make a big difference and ensure that nature continues to be a nice and wonderful place for everyone to live and have fun in!

So let's have fun in nature, but also take care of it at the same time!