Flicka med Blåbäret Bärra på äventyr i Orsa Grönklitt - redo för spännande upplevelser med gulväska på ryggen.

Summer fun with Bärra

Summer fun with Bärra the blueberry

Summer is a time for adventure and experiences, and no adventure is complete without Blueberry Bärra!

Bärra is the popular mascot in Orsa Grönklitt, and he is always ready for new antics and playful adventures. He is the children's best friend and loves to hang out in the Blueberry Forest with all his friends.

Join Bärra on his best summer tips and discover all that Orsa Grönklitt has to offer for children and families. Take a ride on Bärra's cycle paths and develop your cycling skills, or test your limits on the Skills Trail with obstacles for balance and cornering training.

And for those who like a little more adrenaline, don't forget to visit Grönklitts Klätterpark with six different courses and ziplines in varying levels of difficulty. Or why not take a dip in Grönklitt's pool after a day full of adventure?

So what are you waiting for? Join Bärra in a summer full of fun and discover all the exciting activities and sights that Orsa Grönklitt has to offer!

Bärra's Summer Challenge

Bärra's Summer Challenge is the ultimate challenge for all children who want a summer full of adventures and experiences! The challenge consists of three parts, where you together with an adult companion must complete various exciting and fun challenges. After completing all three challenges, you can proudly buy Bärra's gold badge at the Activity Centre or Guest Centre as proof of your achievement.
Price: 60 SEK/brand.

Skylt med Blåbäret Bärra på och texten Äventyrsstig - välkommen till äventyrliga stunder i Orsa Grönklitt.

Challenge 1

Discover Bärra's adventure trail and take on the challenge of collecting all the stamps at each station along the path. When you have collected all the stamps and completed the first challenge, you can proudly call yourself an adventurer in Orsa Grönklitt.

Challenge 2

Discover Bärra's MTB trail and challenge yourself on an easy, 2 km long bike trail that takes you through beautiful nature. Once you've completed the trail, you've already completed the second challenge.

Familjen i harmoni - mamma, pappa och barn vandrar tillsammans i Orsa Grönklitts vackra skogar och njuter av naturen tillsammans.

Challenge 3

Bring an adult or friend on Bärra's pulse and strength round. At each sign along the trail you perform different exercises and when you have gone the whole round you have trained your whole body and completed the third challenge. Great job!

Flicka med Blåbäret Bärra på äventyr i Orsa Grönklitt - redo för spännande upplevelser med gulväska på ryggen.

Blueberry Bärra answer questions

See what Bärra answered when we asked some questions, since he can't speak like we do, we had to take it in the secret blueberry language.

Vandring i skogen med Blåbäret Bärra tema - följ med på äventyr i Orsa Grönklitt.

Blueberry Bärra's own song

Now there is a brand new song for our mascot Blåbäret Bärra. It's a wonderful song to dance to for all the kids who like our mascot Bärra.

More of Bärra the blueberry