Bärra answers questions

We had a little chat with Bärra the blueberry.  Here you can read his answer when we asked some questions, since he can't talk like we do, we had to take it in the secret blueberry language.

Hi Bärra! What kind of a funny filly are you?
Hey oops! I am a mischievous blueberry who lives here in Blåbärsskogen in Grönklitt, my very own forest with all my friends in.

What is it like to live in Blåbärsskogen?
It's super fun and always some mischief going on!

What kind of friends live there with you?
There are small tree blueberries that watch all the children who come, one blueberry that goes snowboarding and another that likes to sing. The old blueberry has been there the longest and keeps order in the forest, but suit yourself for the mischievous troll blueberry that throws snowballs. I also have a lot of exciting animal friends, including leopards, polar bears and wolves. The best thing we know is to play and play with everyone who comes and skis with us there!

What fun! But what does a blueberry like you eat?
It's so good that I keep it a secret! But it's full in sugar!

What's your favorite color?
Blue of course!

What do you think is the most fun there is to do?
Skiing and playing with children.

What is the best song you know?
My song – Bärrasången! It's great fun to sing and dance to it!

You seem to be a cool blueberry! Where can I meet you?
I pop up here and there, you never know when I'm out on a bus. I am also of course at all my fun activities that are here at Grönklitt!

Thanks Bärra for the chat, I hope to see you this winter!
Of course we do, see you on the slopes! Thank you and goodbye, lots of snow!

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