Kille i full fart på cykeln i flowtrailen - adrenalinfylld cykling i Orsa Grönklitt


In the summer of 2020, our Flowtrail course was inaugurated in Orsa Grönklitt - a fast-paced adventure that makes it tingle a little extra in the stomach!

The Flowtrail course is an approximately 2 km machine-dug trail, with dosing curves and lots of fun features. The course consists of a blue and a green trail and suits the whole family no matter what level you are at in your cycling. With undulating turns and relatively little rocks and roots, anyone who likes to ride a bike can find the flow here. The trail is adapted to be used by everyone and with the help of the support in the turns and easier jumps and level differences, it becomes both safe and entertaining.

Tips for a better flow


Be compliant in the body. Make sure that the legs are in a parallel position, alternatively put pressure on the outer leg in the curves with the leg in the lower position.


Try to practice fixing your gaze far in front of you so you have a thought before how to take the upcoming curve and obstacle and so you see what comes next.

Adjust the speed

Brake and adjust the speed before entering the corners, so you can carry more speed out of the pot with you.

Skills Trail

A course with different types of obstacles for balance training, cornering training and challenged jumping lines.

Barn som hoppar i ett hinder i Skills Area i Orsa Grönklitt

Skills Area

A technology area where everyone, regardless of age or experience, can meet to develop their cycling.