Personal som arbetar med cykel i verkstaden i Orsa Grönklitt

Rental and workshop

Summer activity center in Orsa Grönklitt - we are ready with the equipment for your next adventure.

In Orsa Grönklitt there is a large smorgasbord of activities to experience - all year round. As winter begins to move towards summer, our Longitude Centre changes shape and becomes our Activity Centre for the summer.

Our staff possesses a high level of competence when it comes to both cycling, running and roller skiing and several of them have many fine merits, especially from the cycling world.

At Longitudcentrum we can help you with all kinds of workshop work, equipment, tires and spare parts for both bicycles and roller skis. Here you can also rent counters, SUPs, canoes, bicycles, fishing equipment, inline skates and kayaks. You can also rent additional equipment such as a baby carrier, bicycle seat and bicycle trailer.


Orsa Grönklitt - This is where your next adventure begins

Longitudcentrum is Orsa Grönklitt's activity center and is open every day of the year and is the starting point for all activities. Here you can rent discs, SUPs, canoes, bicycles, fishing equipment, inline skates and kayaks.

Continue the ski season with roller skis

Längdcentrum sommar orsa grönklitt

Hyning of roller skis

Longitudcentrum is Orsa Grönklitt's activity centre and is open every day of the year. During the summer, the instructors and our store change direction and focus on running, cycling, roller skiing and other outdoor activities instead.


Instruktör rullskidor Orsa Grönklitt

Try it first - buy later

With us, you have a unique opportunity to test your product before choosing whether to buy it. Here you will find a well-selected range for skate and classic skating from well-known brands that suit both beginners and elite skiers. At Longitudcentrum you can take your roller skis out on a test drive before you buy them. With 10 meters to the Multiski Track, the procedure becomes a natural part of a qualified purchase.

Rullskidlektion Orsa Grönklitt

Lesson in roller skiing

Learning to roller ski can be a challenge. There is a lot of technique and coordination that should be right. Having someone who gives tips on good technique exercises and gives input on details in your particular technique can be very valuable. Our instructors have a high level of education and pedagogy so that you get the most out of a course or lesson.

Bicycle service

Basic service 600 SEK


  • Adjusting the brakes
  • Lubrication of the chain
  • Adjusting gears
  • Tightening all screws
  • Replacement of new hose and tyre if necessary
  • Control bearing adjustment
  • Replacement of brake pads if necessary
  • Tightening wheel nuts on the wheels

Prices are e.g. new material that may be needed.

Extended service 1200 SEK

Extended Service consists of Basic Service plus the following:

  • Airing of brakes if necessary
  • Direction of wheels
  • Replacement of cables and casings if necessary
  • Review of drive package, replacement of chain if necessary
  • Service of hubs
  • Service of steering bearings
  • Service of bottom brackets

Prices are e.g. new material that may be needed.