Welcome to X-Gym Orsa Grönklitt

Welcome to X-gym Orsa Grönklitt

In a well-equipped gym with a training area of 280 square meters you will find large machinery, cardiodel
and freeweight surface.
Together with the other activities that you will find here in the area, X-Gym will be a good complement
to this amazing plant.

After a session in the tracks or a day on the ski slope, there is the opportunity to run a strength workout in our gym in Orsa Grönklitt! Here you will find equipment to train your whole body, perfect combination for your skiing.

How do I become a member?
You buy your membership online through X-gym.se. 
- Select the facility on the website.
- Create a free membership and then select your preferred subscription.
- After purchase, you will receive an email from Parakey within 15 minutes in which you follow the instructions to enter the gym with a digital key,

When can I train?
The gym is open all year round between 05.00-22.30. (It is important that you leave the room at 22.30 when the alarm goes off automatically.)

Does my membership work at all X-Gym facilities?
Yes, the memberships are valid at all our facilities if you choose that subscription (SEK 329 / month). In addition to Orsa Grönklitt, we are also located in the following places: Funäsdalen, Sollefteå and Sveg.

Do you have an age limit?
The age limit is 13 years to train without the guardian's company.

Where can I find showers and changing rooms?
Changing rooms are located in close proximity to the gym. Showers can be found until further notice in Grönklitts Längdcentrum, at the stadium a short walk from the gym.

A warm welcome to a fresh and completely renovated room with selected machines of high quality. You will find us in Mötestorget, formerly. Predator center.

How do I become a member?
How do I enter the room?
What happens if I let others in with my key?
What if I'm oakstam about the equipment?
For everyone's well-being


Prices X-gym Grönklitt

Day card: 165 SEK
Group day pass (minimum 10 people): 80 SEK/per person
Weekly pass: 450 SEK
Monthly pass: 600 SEK
Adult 12 months direct debit: SEK 199 / month
Youth (13-17 years)/seniors 12 months direct debit: SEK 149 / month
Annual pass for all facilities in X-gym: SEK 329 / month.

NB! For direct debit cards, a setup fee (one-time cost) of SEK 300 will be added!
When buying an annual pass, there is a 3-month notice period!

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Group and conference in Orsa Grönklitt

Are you in the starting blocks of planning this year's business conference or maybe the family family reunion?

Orsa Grönklitt is a year-round facility that offers fantastic environments. Here is the opportunity for activation summer and winter with alpine and cross-country skiing, mountain biking, hiking, food school, gym, moose safari or fishing, etc. We help you tailor your program, completely according to your wishes!