Glad kvinna som står på knä och pimpelfiskar på Rädsjön i Orsa Gröklitt

Winter fishing at Orsa Grönklitt

Winter fishing

In Orsa Grönklitt there are fantastic opportunities for fishing. In Rädsjön, which is right next to the cross-country tracks, there are rainbow trout, pike and perch.

More and more people have discovered the fun of winter fishing and it is a suitable activity for those who want to enjoy a little quieter moment and in a little quieter environment. The most classic fishing is angling, ice fishing and ice fishing. In Dalarna and Orsa we have a long fishing season, which makes it a suitable complement to skiing for those who want to rest their legs a little between tours or for those who are looking for an activity other than skiing.

Around Rädsjön you will also find nice windbreaks with barbecue areas.

At Längdcentrum you can rent an ice fishing rod and ice drill for SEK 100 / piece.