Flicka och pojke som åker bob i Orsa Grönklitts pulkabacke

Orsa Grönklitt's sledding hill

Orsa Grönklitt's sledding hill is waiting for you!

Our sledding hill offers adventures for both the young and the old. Whether you have your own sled or want to rent one, this is the place for laughter and excitement!

Winter is a magical time, especially in Orsa Grönklitt. As the snow blankets the landscape, our sledding hill transforms into a true adventure and a gathering place for children. Here, you can feel the wind rushing against your face as you zip down the hill.

Don't have a sled? No problem! We've got it all covered here! For those who don't have their own equipment or simply want to try something new, Sportshopen offers a wide range of equipment for rent, including sleds and snow racers.

Our sledding hill is located at Söderbacken, near the chairlift and the barbecue area.

In addition, while enjoying the sledding hill, the rest of the family can explore everything else that Orsa Grönklitt has to offer, from skiing to wintry walks, before gathering at one of our restaurants for a cup of hot chocolate.

Barn som går fram till Bärra Blåbär i Orsa Grönklitt

Bärra's best play tips on the sledding hill

Few things beat a really fun Sled relay, at least if you ask our dear Bärra!

- Divide the participants into two or more teams.
- Each team needs a sled. At the start, the first person sits in the sled, when the starting signal goes off, the person should slide down the hill, run up with the sled and then pass it to the next person in the team.
- The team that gets all its members to slide down and run up first wins!

Good luck and may the best team win!