Roller skis and inline skates: Get moving in Orsa Grönklitt!

Ski 365 days a year, alternate roller skiing with cross-country skiing!

Looking for a fun and active way to explore the beautiful surroundings of Orsa Grönklitt? Try roller skiing or inline skating! With dedicated tracks and trails, you can safely enjoy the thrill of these popular sports.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, roller skiing and inline skating offer a great way to stay in shape while taking in the stunning scenery.

At Orsa Grönklitt, you can ski all year round with the perfect combination of roller skiing and cross-country skiing. Roller skiing is not only a fun way to stay active during the summer months, but it also provides a full-body workout and helps to improve skiing technique.

Our new Multiskidbanan, a five-kilometer paved loop around Rädsjön, offers a fantastic roller skiing experience and is popular for summer camps, including for the Swedish Ski Team and other elite skiers. For beginners, our skilled instructors at The Cross Country Centre.. can provide lessons and equipment recommendations, including the opportunity to test roller skis before purchasing.

Don't forget to take care of your roller skis with our workshop services, and consider trying inline skating for a fun and family-friendly activity. Inline skates are a great way for children to improve their balance and motor skills. You can rent inline skates, covers, and helmets at The Cross Country Centre.

So strap on your skates or grab your roller skis and get ready to explore the great outdoors at Orsa Grönklitt!

Instruktör som håller rullskidlektion för gäst i Orsa Grönklitt

Maximize Your Training Potential

Orsa Grönklitt's modern cross-country ski school is a popular destination during the winter months, but did you know that our skilled instructors also offer lessons in cycling and roller skiing during the summer? Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, our lessons in cycling and roller skiing will help you hone your skills and reach new heights.

Contact us: +46250 - 462 06

Instruktör ger rullskidlektion till ung tjej - glädjefylld träning i Orsa Grönklitt.

Keep Your Skis in Top Shape

After your roller ski or cycling trip, care for your equipment by cleaning them with soapy water and a cloth. Let them dry before storing them in a dry place. 

For added assurance, we offer expert service and maintenance before and after the season. Our experienced technicians will ensure your skis are in top condition. Enjoy the outdoors and maximize your training with well-maintained skis.

Interiörbild från Längdcentrum i Orsa Grönklitt.

Cross-Country Center!

The Cross-Country Center is the activity hub of Orsa Grönklitt. During summer, our skilled instructors provide cycling and roller skiing lessons. You can rent bicycles, canoes, roller skis, inline skates, fishing equipment, and other accessories to enjoy an active holiday. Our outdoor shop offers a variety of equipment for your adventures. Come and explore the great outdoors with us!

Par åker inlines på multibanan i Orsa Grönklitt - kul och aktiv fritid.

Unlock the Ultimate Experience with the Trailpass

At Orsa Grönklitt, we are committed to continually improving our summer product, and the trailpass is a vital component of our ongoing investment. The trailpass is mandatory for all of our trails and the multi-ski course for anyone aged 7 years or older.

By purchasing a trailpass, you'll have access to some of the best outdoor activities and experiences in the area. Explore our scenic roller ski and cycling tracks.

Your trailpass not only grants you access to these exciting activities, but it also helps to support our ongoing investment in the development of our summer product. So, come and unlock the ultimate experience with the trailpass in Orsa Grönklitt!

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Challenge Yourself and Compete with Others in the Grönklitt Hill Race!

Get ready to test your limits and compare your performance with others in the Grönklitt Hill Race! Using, you can measure your performance and view results. The race begins at the intersection of Våmhus-/Fryksåsvägen, and kilometer signs and elevation meters are marked along the road up to Toppstugan, which sits at 561 meters above sea level. Push yourself to the limit and enjoy the stunning views along the way!

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