Orsa Grönklitt Pool and Sauna

Orsa Grönklitt Pool and Sauna

Come and cool off in Orsa Grönklitt's refreshing pool, located next to the charming Restaurant Ugglan and Björnen.

 This 12x6 meter pool with a depth of 1.40 meters is free for all residents and restaurant visitors to use. While inflatables are welcome, remember to be considerate of others' space.

Adjacent to the pool, you'll find a playground and changing rooms. And for those looking to relax after their swim, a sauna is just a few steps away.

With daily opening hours from 11am to 9pm, there's plenty of time to take a refreshing dip. 

Season opening between week 25-33!

The pool has no lifeguard, all bathing is at your own risk!
Shower before bathing is mandatory.
Swimwear is mandatory.
Bathing diaper required for babies.

Don't miss out on this amazing summer experience!

Bärra's bathing tips!

Bathing is great fun but remember to have an adult with you and wear simpuffs or a swim ring if you don't swim very well. Although you may like to splash water, keep in mind that those next door do not want to get wet. Now it's just to plump in and enjoy but keep in mind that in water you need to be an extra good friend, so keep an eye on everyone you bathe with!  Swim calmly!

Pojke som springer ut i vattnet från sandstranden i Rädsjön i Orsa Grönklitt

Swimming in the lake

Beach within walking distance of both the Cross-Country Centre and the Guest Centre!