Welcome to the Grönklittsgården

In the heart of Orsa Grönklitt, you will find a true gem - Grönklittsgården.

With its optimal location, you have direct access to well-groomed ski tracks, thrilling slopes, and a wide range of activities.

During the autumn of 2022, we improved the kitchen and the common room to create a perfect environment for relaxation, socializing, and unforgettable memories. Additionally, we also installed state-of-the-art district heating to ensure that you stay warm and cozy no matter how cold it gets outside.

Our spacious and cozy rooms are available in both 2-bed and 4-bed options, all of which have been newly renovated (2023) and designed with modern amenities, allowing you to enjoy your stay in style and comfort.

So why wait? Book your stay now and experience the perfect vacation like never before!

Newly renovated modern accommodation

16 guestrooms

Private toilet and sink in the room


Ideal for camp accommodation and class trips

2-4 beds

Shared shower and sauna

Shared kitchen and TV lounge

Vallabod in direct connection


Newly renovated - for the summer of 2023

Ahead of the winter of 2023, our hostel has undergone renovations. The kitchen and common room have been renovated. Additionally, we will be renovating the remaining rooms before the summer of 2023!

Welcome to a fresh accommodation, right in the children's slope!

Naturskog med slingrande stig - somrig skönhet i Orsa Grönklitt.

Book with confidence - add a cancellation protection

With our cancellation protection, you can book your stay confidently in advance and protect yourself in case anything unexpected happens.

Pappa och barn på Bärras äventyrsstig - glädjefylld vandring i Orsa Grönklitt.

Before arrival

Most things that you may have forgotten can be arranged on-site. Here are a few helpful things we can share with you now, which can make your vacation even better.