Fjällstuga i snölandskap i orsa Grönklitt

Charming and modern mountain huts


For some, accommodation is an important part of the experience, for others it is a place to sleep between adventures. In Orsa Grönklitt we have several different cottages to choose from and in different sizes and price ranges, which means that there is guaranteed to be a cottage that suits you no matter what your travel party looks like.

On vacation, it should be at least as comfortable as at home. In Orsa Grönklitt we have five different accommodation areas and 315 different mountain cabins and modern apartments to choose from, which makes it easy to find an accommodation that suits everyone.

Which cottage is right for you for your holiday?
Are you looking for the perfect ski cabin with the best ski in/ski out location or the cottage with the perfect view to enjoy the hot chocolate until after a lovely day on the ski slope? Whatever you are looking for, we will be happy to help you in your search for the perfect holiday home for your holiday. Feel free to contact us via chat or phone at +46772 - 280 100.

Cottage with electric car charger, WiFi, sauna, wood burning stove, or where your four-legged friend can come with? 
Here you will find everything from cottages with electric car chargers, animal-friendly cottages and cottages with WiFi. Our affordable cottages are available in different price ranges and sizes, all to suit your holiday.

No matter where you live in Orsa Grönklitt, you always live in close proximity to everything. Leave the car and enjoy nature!

Vintrigt snötäckt landskap med stugor och granar - idylliskt vinterparadis i Orsa Grönklitt

Search accommodation based on exchange dates

During the winter, our accommodations are booked according to the following periods:

Full week: Sunday - Sunday
Short week: Sunday - Thursday
Weekend: Thursday - Sunday

5 accommodation areas to choose from

315 different mountain cabins and modern apartments to choose from, making it easy to find accommodation that suits everyone.

Skidlägenheter i Toppbyn i Orsa Grönklitt


Offers a brilliant view of Lake Orsa and direct access to both slopes and trails. Additionally, you have walking distance to several restaurants.

Vybild över Blåbärsbyn i Orsa Grönklitt


Located on the slope towards the top, within gliding distance to ski slopes and trails. You also get the view of Rädsjön, Siljan, and the facility as a bonus.

Vy biuld över Rovdjursbyn i Orsa Grönklitt


Extends along the slope from the town center. From here, most people take the Rovdjursliften directly to Bananen and the alpine area. Additionally, the cross-country ski tracks run right through the area!

Vy över Skogsbyn i Orsa Grönklitt


Newly built cabins above Råtjärn, on the outskirts of the facility, with views in multiple directions. Here, you live close to transport lifts and gliding paths to the alpine area, as well as cross-country ski tracks.

Vy bild över stugor i Centrumbyn i Orsa Grönklitt i vackert vitt vinterlandskap.


As the name suggests, it is located right in the middle of ski tracks, the town center, and the Cross-Country Skiing Center. The cabins are traditional mountain cabins and have cozy courtyards.

Vacationing should be easy.

Naturskog med slingrande stig - somrig skönhet i Orsa Grönklitt.

Book with confidence - add a cancellation protection

With our cancellation protection, you can book your stay confidently in advance and protect yourself in case anything unexpected happens.

Pappa och barn på Bärras äventyrsstig - glädjefylld vandring i Orsa Grönklitt.

Before arrival

Most things that you may have forgotten can be arranged on-site. Here are a few helpful things we can share with you now, which can make your vacation even better.