Park visitor

Most of us have been to a zoo at some point. But Orsa Predator Park isn't just any zoo – here you can experience some of the northern hemisphere's biggest predators.

The predators live in enclosures designed to allow them to perform natural behaviors, including the ability of bears to catch live fish, the feline's eyes out over their horizons, and polar bears that can dig caves/tunnels in the snow during the winter. Animal keepers work daily for animal welfare and are the ones who know the animals best. Meet them during their work and listen to their stories at briefings and feeds during your visit to the park.

The predator centre located in the entrance building is both permanent and temporary exhibitions where the predators are put in a social, cultural and environmental perspective. In the same building there is also Café Koppången with light food and a shop with everything from souvenirs to genuine crafts.

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Predator Centre

Predator centre and Designtorg Wood is a fantastic facility, which at the same time forms the entrance to Orsa Predator Park. There are exhibitions, lectures and film screenings with the theme of predators and wood as materials in art and building materials. Many are affected by predators. The exhibition on predators is an experience in itself and gives you in an exciting way knowledge and information about our predators. The Predator Centre also has a film room and many interactive play and learning stations.

The 1,500 sqm building is in itself an excellent and interesting place to visit. Here are opportunities to learn more about our animals and be inspired to create in wood.

For several years, predator's centre has been producing exhibitions for children. Every year the exhibition is renewed and here exciting facts about predators and nature are told to children. Here you get to feel, photograph yourself with a bear, see wolves up close and get some exciting knowledge and facts about our predators.

Keep in mind that dogs and other pets are not allowed to enter the building or park.

Mat & fika

Café Koppången

Welcome to sit down and enjoy a coffee. It offers coffee, tea, hot chocolate, pastries and yummy sandwiches. You will find the café in the entrance.


Souvenir shop

Welcome to the souvenir shop. There are many nice souvenirs here. We have also filled the shop with locally made furnishings, books and much more.

Tips on accommodation

Price from

5 495 SEK

28I7183 Stor (108872)


The view of Lake Orsa and Siljan is hard to beat from Toppbyn. This also applies to the location within walking distance to the centre of Orsa Grönklitt.


The price is for 6-bed cottage v.29 Sun-Sun.

Price from

5 495 SEK

28I7169 Stor (108888)


On the slope on the way to the top is Blåbärsbyn. There are cottages and apartments/semi-detached houses. Views of the resort, Lake Orsasjön and Siljan are included.


The price is for 4-bed cottage v.29 Sun-Sun.

Price from

4 995 SEK

28I6042 Stor (108891)


Stretched on the slope from the center and east is Rovdjursbyn.


The price is for 4-bed cottage v.29 Sun-Sun.

Price from

5 195 SEK

28I6086 Stor (108877)


Newly built cottages above Råtjärn with a view in several directions. Located on the outer edge of the resort, next door to the wilderness.


The price is for 6-bed cottage v.27 Sun-Sun.

Price from

4 995 SEK

28I7129 Stor (108885)


Centrumbyn consists of traditional mountain huts with cozy courtyards and has a location right between the center and the Cross-Country Centre.


The price is for 4-bed cottage v.29 Sun-Sun.

Price from

3 095 SEK

28I7173 Stor (108882)


Majestic ally with the wilderness as a neighbor, Limbygården with room for the whole big family or group of friends is located in a cottage.

The price is for 24 beds in Limbygården v.29 Mon-Tis.