During the summer Orsa Grönklitt is a popular place for roller ski camps, including for the Swedish Ski Team and other elite skiers. In October 2019, the new multi-ski run was inaugurated in Orsa Grönklitt, a paved loop of five scenic kilometres around Lake Rädsjön. A milestone and a major step in the development of roller skiing in Orsa Grönklitt!

Price list summer 2020

Rental roller skis

Roller skis only

Complete package (roller skis/ski boots/poles/helmet)

3 hours 200 SEK

300 SEK

1 day

260 SEK

350 SEK

2 days

380 SEK

520 SEK

3 days

485 SEK

670 SEK

4 days

570 SEK

795 SEK

5 days

630 SEK

890 SEK

6-7 days 780 SEK

970 SEK



1 hour

2 hours

1 person

700 SEK


2 people

100 SEK

200 SEK

3 people

1 300 SEK

2 500 SEK

4 people

1 600 SEK

3 000 SEK

5 people

1 900 SEK

3 500 SEK

6 people

2 200 SEK

3 600 SEK

7 people


3 700 SEK

8 or more people


3 800 SEK


Trailpass from 16 years


Season pass (April-October)

Annual pass (May-April)

The fee applies to the multi-ski run and flowtrail, by roller ski or bicycle.

90 SEK

900 SEK

2 500 SEK


  • Your trail pass is personal and non-transferable.
  • Annual pass refers to both trail passes and track cards during the winter.



Multi-ski run

In October 2019, the new multi-ski run in Orsa Grönklitt was finally inaugurated. A milestone, and an investment in time, to the delight of a variety of target groups.


The multi-ski run is a paved loop of five scenic kilometres that winds around Rädsjön. The course will be used by both elite and exerciser. Skiing takes place in different difficulty levels, with a longer loop of 3,812 meters, a technique loop of 795 meters and a loop at the stadium of 325 meters.

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Technical training

During the winter months, Orsa Grönklitt's modern cross-country ski school is incredibly popular. During the summer, the instructors change direction and offer lessons in running, cycling, roller skiing – all to make sure you get the most out of your training and stay in the wilderness around the resort.


For reservations, please contact Längdcentrum on tel: 0250-462 06 or email

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Hill Race

Now you can challenge yourself and at the same time compare yourself to others in grönklitt Hill Race. With the help of, you get a measure of your performance and a results list. From the start at the intersection of Våmhusvägen/Fryksåsvägen, the road is marked with kilometre signs and meters all the way up to Toppstugan at 561 möh.


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After the race, email or enter the Long Distance Centre and we register your time on a separate list.

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Activity Center

The Cross-Country Centre is the Orsa Grönklitt activity centre and is open every day of the year. During the summer, instructors change their focus and offer lessons in running, cycling, roller skiing. In addition to the rental of bicycles, canoes, roller skis, fishing equipment and the accessories needed for an active holiday, there is an outdoor shop and outlet.