Experience our nice hiking trails in nature around Orsa Grönklitt. The Siljan trail passes Orsa Grönklitt and a few kilometres away is Fryksås mountain hut with a fantastic view of Lake Orsa sjön and Siljan. There are lots of paths and paths of different character and difficulty to choose from. A tip is to try the nice hiking trail around Rädsjön, where you can have a wonderful nature experience.

Our trails

Björntjärnsturen 8 km

Hiking in varied nature with lakes, mountains and pine heath. Sometimes a bit technical and a few hefty slopes.  A cozy tour for those who like the small path in the big forest.

Grönklitt Trail 12 km

Trail running/hiking on the trail and obanat. The trail passes along wild paths, forest lakes and which ends with a strange view.

Böllingmyren 11 km

A marked ant road of 11 km. The tour starts with gravel road before it folds onto the bog. Varies between bog and small forest areas in completely unpaved terrain.

Gröna Milen 10 km

Hiking on trails and obanat, a large part of the course consists of marshes. Relatively little hilling. Boots are required to be dry shod. Bring a map on your tour around the track as there is something sparse between the signs over the marshes.

Rädsjön Runt 5 km

Hiking and tips walk on trails and trail streets along Rädsjön. Easy hilling and nice views. Along the tour there are several log sheds.

Fryksås t/r 4 km

Buddy trail with bike /running / hiking where mam passes Fryksås fäbod. Perfect excursion for those who want to take a shorter round.

Stugrundan 4 km

Perfect for hiking and running, along trails and trail streets.


Hiking on mostly trails. Good long watch. Can start/exit in several places. A classic is starting at Nybron (on the way to Älvdalen) and then running back to Orsa Grönklitt via small pastures and fantastic views. Takes about 3 hours for a medium runner.

DSC 1621 Stor (65554)

Nordic walking

In winter, Orsa Grönklitt offers 22 alpine slopes. In summer, it is a perfect area for nordic walking which is a very effective form of exercise. The steep Söderbacken or the longer Mellanbacken are some of the options available. It also works great to walk nordic walking on the running and hiking trails that are on the map if you want a bit flatter terrain. Poles and accessories are available for rent and purchase at Längdcentrum.