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Alpine skiing for all levels

In Orsa Grönklitt, everyone has fun on the slopes. There are well-groomed slopes that offer both tickling and cozy factor, regardless of age and habit.

The great combination of downhill skiing in different difficulty levels and accessibility is what makes Orsa Grönklitt unique. Toppstugan is not far away, in whatever hill you are. The pistes come in all its colors, from green to black, and often a slope is divided so you and your friends can ride the same hill but with different difficulty levels.

Challenges can be found both on the piste and off-piste. We have black slopes that can offer breathtaking speed experiences and off-piste routes through magical forest. Find your own way through the forest or follow the tracks of previous daredevils – all according to your own abilities. For those with smaller skis, Bärra's off-piste is a favorite!

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Ski pass

Choose from season passes or other options that suit the whole family.

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Our slopes

In Orsa Grönklitt there is a favorite slope for everyone, in different difficulty levels. On the south and west side there are slopes for children, family and beginners. In the north and east there are bigger challenges and on the north and east side are also our competition slopes. The slopes are divided into four areas.

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Ski school

Our ski school is well known for its high level of teaching and well-adapted for beginners, children and adults. One of the secrets is that we have fun together, the game is as important as skiing. Our mission is to help create a positive experience of winter and skiing and generate a desire to try out and learn even more.

Tips for skiers

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We can proudly say that in recent years we have developed a very good off-piste skiing in Orsa Grönklitt.
Many people recognize Bärra's off-piste which has really been a success but we have carved and cleared in other places to create more off-piste experiences.

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Welcome to Toppstugan. Here you can sit down and rest your feet while enjoying good food and magnificent views of the siljan countryside.

Tigers in Orsa Predator Park live next door to Toppstugan and the chance to see them is great.

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What to think about on the slopes

Swedish Ski Resorts Organisation/SLAO has summarized what to think about on the ski slope and calls this "SLAO's little yellow".

We also have local rules that are important to consider.

  • It is not allowed to ride with children in a baby carrier in a lift and piste.
  • It is not allowed to sledding on the slopes, only in the toboggan
  • Private snowmobile ride is not allowed within the resort.
  • Skiing is not allowed on the alpine slopes when the lifts are closed.

If you have an accident, call the Guest Center on 0250-462 12 or talk to the nearest lift host.

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Evening skiing

Thanks to a good cooperation with Orsa Alpina, new lighting was put up in Söderbacken in 2015. After that, Barnbacken has also been given new lighting, which contributes to sharp visibility all the way down. Welcome to extend the ski days with evening skiing on the south side. The lifts that go during the evening skiing are the button and anchor lift in the south and the children's lift. Evening skiing takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays, when the lifts are open until 19.00.

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Sportshop & ski rental

In our Sports Shop and Ski Rental you will find equipment for downhill and cross-country skiing. In the ski rental you can rent equipment for those who do not own anyone and in the Sports Shop you will find everything from socks and hats, from wax, poles and alpine skis. 

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In Orsa Grönklitt there are several options, dine at a restaurant or cook your own food, over an open fire or in the cottage. The choice is yours.

Tips on accommodation