Två skotrar i Orsa Grönklitt

Activities close to nature

A break from skiing can provide unique opportunities to explore the surroundings. Our activities are close to nature and suitable for all ages.

In Orsa Grönklitt there is so much more than skiing on the mountain and in length. The stunning winter landscape invites you to adventure and adventure. The range of activities includes everything from cozy and peaceful waffle tours to challenging and cool snowmobile tours.


Draghundar som drar hundpann


Feel the pull of the cold winter air pinch ing your cheeks while the dogs pull you sitting in the sled. The guide guides you and the toboggan through the wilderness with a bunch of enthusiastic dogs as a drag aid. The dog range is perfect for both adults and children, not least for those who love dogs and want to see more of the area around Orsa Grönklitt.

The tour starts from the parking lot next to the Guest Center and you can choose between tours of 2,5 and 5 km.

Monday, tuseday, friday and saturdays 10:00-15:00. (During Christmas and New Year, other times may apply, see separate program).

Price 2,5 km: 300 SEK/adult, 250 SEK/children 3-12 years.

Price 5 km: 600 SEK/adult, 300 SEK/children 3-12 years.

Lodjur med nosen mot varandra

Orsa Predator Park

Orsa Grönklitt is a place for experiences and meetings of all kinds, so even with wildlife. In Predator Park, meetings await tigers, polar bears and leopards – and many more species.

Maybe you're here without a pair of cross-country skis under your arms or boots on your feet and want to do something else? At Orsa Predator Park you can spend a whole day experiencing powerful encounters with the winter-waking predators, watch art exhibitions and learn about our predators.

Två flickor som åker pulka

Children's activities

Our goal is for the children to have their best week of the year in Orsa Grönklitt. We therefore offer much more than just skiing. We always have something fun going on! From Monday to Saturday there are a variety of exciting activities to participate in. Our popular mascot Bärra is often there to make sure it gets mischievous fun. Join us on an adventure – there's lots of fun for both small and large.

Bild på skida på en skoter

Snowmobile safari

Experience the wilderness and beautiful landscape around Orsa Grönklitt from a snowmobile. Go through nature and around pine trees and firtrees on a real adventure. On snowmobile safaris you drive your own scooter (you must have a car or snowmobile license) but our leader is there to guide you around.

We go through the beautiful white landscape and enjoy the surroundings. Helmets are available to borrow.

The tour takes about 1.5 hours, be sure to dress warmly, and starts at the snowmobile garage 200 m south of the Guest Center.

Price: 880 SEK (200 SEK per extra passenger). A sled for 2 persons is also availible for rent, 560 SEK/sled.

Monday, wednesday, fridays and saturdays kl. 10.00-11.30. 13.00-14.30. (During Christmas and New Year, other times may apply, see separate program).

You must be in place no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled start time to have time to change and get an overview before the actual scooter safari begins. Pre-book online or call 0772 280 100.

NOTE! Cold limit is minus 16 degrees.

Tallrik med våffla

Waffle tour to Fryksås

No ski holiday is complete without waffles with jam and cream. The waffle tour takes you by an old-fashioned way to Fryksås Hotel - with a sleigh through the forest. Here you can eat the waffles in a cozy environment with magnificent views of Lake Orsa and Siljan. Waffles with strawberry jam, cream and ice cream, as well as coffee/tea or hot chocolate are included.

Tuesdays and Saturdays with departure from outside the Guest Centre at 13:00 and 14:00. 

Price: 1300: - / sled. A sled can hold a maximum of 5 adults. The waffles cost 120 SEK / person and are paid on site. The activity starts during week 2 (During Christmas and New Year, other times may apply, see separate program). 

En häst drar en släde i snön med fem personer i

Sleigh ride with dinner

Ride a horse and sleigh in the light of the torches through Grönklittskogen to Smidgården in beautiful Fryksås and enjoy a good dinner that is ordered and paid for on site.

Fridays with departure from outside the Guest Centre at 17:00 and 18:00. (During Christmas and New Year, other times may apply, see separate program).

Price: 1300 SEK/sled. A sled can hold a maximum of 5 adults.


4 course-dinner 498 SEK/person

Childrens menu (up to 15 years):

4 course-dinner 249 SEK/person

Hot dog 90 SEK/person

Meatballs 90SEK/person

The dinner is paid at site.

Fredag med avfärd kl. 17:00 eller 18:00
Pris: 1 300 kr/släde.

The dinner is ordered and paid for on site.

For more information, please contact

Glad kvinna som står på knä och pimpelfiskar på Rädsjön

Winter fishing

Take the whole family on a cozy fishing trip in nearby Rädsjön, where there are plenty of rainbow trout and nice shelters with barbecue areas. Fishing licenses cost 150 SEK/3 game fish. Available for purchase in Guest Center, Längdcentrum or online at A pimple rod and ice drill can be rented in the Längdcentrum for 100 SEK/st.

Skidåkare på rädsjön


At lake Rädsjön we have tracks for cross-country skiing, ice-skating and walking. You find the lake only 400 meters from Längdcentrum.

Padelracket och skor

Grönklitt Padel

Grönklitt Padel has opened the gates to a fresh and modern padel hall - welcome!