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Skipass - your key to the experience

Choose from several price options, if you only want to go for a few hours or all winter with a season pass.

Choose from season passes or other options that suit the whole family. Ski pass is your key to the experience in Orsa Grönklitt.

To charge your ski pass, you need a keycard, a reusable plastic card that you charge with the number of days you want to ski. Your keycard can be reused year after year. The order of ski pass and keycard can be made no later than 2 days before arrival. Pre-purchased ski passes are available in your envelope upon check-in, or to pick up at the Guest Center. Your ski pass can also be purchased on site in Orsa Grönklitt in the door outside the ski rental/sports shop.

Charge your ski pass
Charge your previous ski pass smoothly via our online booking in advance. To load your ski pass, your keycard needs to be of the Brand Axess. Previous cards from SkiData also work in Orsa Grönklitt, but can not be loaded online, but only at the facility. Existing ski passes can be recharged until the same day as they are intended to be used. Your ski pass is personal and non-transferable.

Price list 2020/21

Ski pass


7-16 years/senior 65+

Parent card

3 hour card

360 SEK

275 SEK


1 day

425 SEK

335 SEK


2 days

815 SEK

635 SEK

1 085 SEK

3 days

1 125 SEK

855 SEK

1 535 SEK

4 days

1 375 SEK

1 055 SEK

1,845 SEK

5 days

1 535 SEK

1 335 SEK

2 085 SEK

6-8 days

1 825 SEK

1 435 SEK

2 365 SEK

Extension from 4 days

335 SEK

275 SEK

455 SEK

Single trip

55 SEK

45 SEK


4-day optional/seasonal

1 495 SEK

1 125 SEK

Evening skiing

195 SEK

150 SEK


Season pass (purchased between 1/11-19/12)

1 895 SEK

995 SEK


Season pass (purchased from 20/12)

3 695 SEK

2 835 SEK



50 SEK

50 SEK

50 SEK

Children 0-6 years old go for free with a helmet.



Combi card (Track Card+Skipass)


7-16 years/senior 65+

Day card

500 SEK

360 SEK

4 days

1 650 SEK

1 150 SEK


2 300 SEK

1 600 SEK


50 SEK

50 SEK


Combi card (Track Card+Skipass+ Predator Park)


7-16 years/senior 65+

Season (October-April)

3 900 SEK

2 000 SEK


50 SEK

50 SEK


  • Your ski pass is personal and non-transferable.
  • Keycard is an electronic card that is required for you to use your skipass.
  • Prices apply even if not all lifts and slopes are open.
  • Parental card is shared by parents who cannot ride at the same time in the lifts.
  • Combi card season including track card, ski pass and entrance to Predator Park can be purchased until 19 December.

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Season pass

With a season pass you secure winter skiing and at the same time get a wonderful family experience in snow-sure Orsa Grönklitt. Sales of season tickets start on 1 November and then at an extra good pre-sale price. The pre-sale cards are sold t.om. 19 December via the Guest Center in Orsa Grönklitt and via the following retailers:


  • Mora Parken, the hotel reception.
  • Orsa Bowling
  • Johns Sport, Mora (card payment only)


When purchasing a season pass through one of our retailers or via the website, you need to visit the Guest Center in Orsa Grönklitt before using the card. This is true even if you already have a Keycard. 

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Loss Guarantee

Your ski pass is personal and has a loss-of-warranty. Should the card disappear during your visit to us, we can through the system give you the remaining riding period on a new card. This is why very important that you save the receipt. A new card costs 50 SEK