Skidlärare som åker slalom i offpistbacke

An adventure for the whole family

The snow-capped winter mountain holds many secrets, here comes one of the best kept: our increasingly developed off-piste skiing.

The snow-capped winter mountain contains many secrets, here comes one of the best kept: Orsa Grönklitt's increasingly developed off-piste skiing. A big, too many hidden adventures, is what it's all about. It's a bit of a fairytale world waiting out there," says Dic Matslofva, proud ski school instructor.

Alpine skiing is constantly evolving in Grönklitt. Often the investments are about new slopes or other ventures with a focus on comfort and experience. At the same time, parallel efforts have been made for a long time "out in the terrain", but more in silence. The aim has been to open up to skiing in new environments, both for ordinary guests and ski school students, who in these passages get to challenge themselves in slightly other, wilder environments.

– A process has been going on for about ten years. Many people recognize Bärra's off-piste, which has really been a success, a narrow path through the forest that the kids really love. At the same time, we have carved and cleared in other places, which are not as visible to the naked eye. Now we have come so far that we can proudly say that we have developed a very good off-piste skiing in Grönklitt.

Dic shows around the mountain, in behind pines and spruces. He stops above the forest area between Berguven and Norrbacken. 

-- This is a good example. We have cleared up a string for off-piste, right through the forest, down the slope here. We call it Trattis ́n, there is a lot of funnel kantareller here in the autumns I can reveal. It is a varied and fun ride that is offered, narrow here and there, just right adventurous. A real treat. If we continue out towards Berguven, we have another bump that you can get up on. We have done some gutters right there, which means that you get good speed out into the marked offpist area, between Berguven and Passaten.

Offpist can be very different things, dic says, depending on who you're talking to.

—For Mom and Dad, it can be one thing. For children, there are often small winding paths among the trees. Grönklitt is an ideal place, for different ages, to try this type of skiing. There are a variety of paths to discover, it is very varied.

Ask us for tips in good places. We help you find your way and "defeat the mountain", both on and off the traditional pistes.

Our quick guide for new off-piste experiences

The steak

Varied slope and character. Partly open and relatively flat but also steep areas and cliffs. Narrow gutters in the forest between lift and piste.

Berry's off-piste

Like following a trail through the woods. "bumps" are formed which, in case of snowfall, can be large. Can be followed all the way along the Blueberry Forest route, between piste and lift. Children's natural favorite.

East of the Eagle

Open and easily accessible. Ends with a narrow path through the forest into the lower part of the Eagle.

Wild kids

Highest peak above the eagle owl. Narrow gutters in the forest or open fields. Gives you speed out into the marked off-piste area between Berguven and Passaten.

Trattis ́n

The forest area between Berguven and Norrbacken. Narrow entrance from the road between norrliften and Berguven, opens up further down. Easiest to get out towards the lower part of the Mountain Owl. Magical spruce forest.

The area around the loop

After you have passed the descent towards Helan and Halva, you can fall down to the right and get back into the loop a little further down. Varied slope, steeper the earlier you take right.


After the first turn, the forest opens up to the left, later on both sides. Varied terrain with many natural bumps to jump on and over.


Along the transport from Norrbacken to the middle lift, turn right just before the gorge. After a short "tramp", you stand on top of a sparsely forested area. You can then make your way through narrow paths in the forest back to the transport towards the north lift.