Book equipment

For your safety, we have adapted our ski rental to this winter. You register and make an appointment for online pickup. Follow the steps below.


Fill in your details in the form below. This will make it faster for you at the time of pickup. 

Have you rented skis with us before? Then we already have your data stored in our system. If you need to change any of the data (shoe size, weight, height, etc.) you will need to fill in all the fields again. Your personal profile will then be updated with the correct information. 

Book a pick-up time

Here you can book an appointment to pick up your equipment in the ski rental. In this way, we create a better flow during the day and avoid queuing. 

NOTE! After the appointment has been made, you will receive a confirmation sent to your email address. The confirmation will include your booking ID, which you need to keep close on hand upon arrival for pickup. 

From Saturday, December 19, it is possible to make an appointment in the ski rental. Until then, you can visit us at Drop-In. Open daily 09.00-16.00. 

Get your equipment

Well on site outside the ski rental there is a display showing your Booking ID and when it is your turn to go in to pick up your equipment. Make sure to have your Booking ID at your fingertips as you wait for your turn. 

To consider:

  • We are cash-free – payment is made by card or Swish
  • Get the equipment less company – preferably alone
  • Please change in the cottage or in the intended changing rooms

Return or changes

Return and possible change of equipment takes place on the gable at the ski rental. Please note that there is no need to schedule an appointment for return or exchange. Keep in mind everyone keep your distance while you wait for the return or replacement of your equipment. After each return, helmets and rods are always disinfected.