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Sportshop & ski rental

In our Sports Shop there are staff with years of experience and passion to give our guests the best experience on slopes and tracks.

In our Sports Shop and ski rental you will find equipment for downhill and cross-country skiing. We have options for everyone – from beginners to professionals. In the ski rental there is the possibility to rent equipment for those who do not own anyone or for those who want to test the latest technology. In the Sports Shop, staff work with many years of experience in ski service who like to make sure that your equipment is on top. In the Sports Shop you will find everything from socks and hats, from wax, poles and alpine skis. The ski rental and the Sports Shop share a room, behind the Guest Centre.

Ski rental

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Tips and advice

  • Keep track of your height, weight and shoe size
  • Think what kind of category you want on your skis
  • We need your id, phone number, address
  • Register your personal data before you take a kölapp
  • Pre-register online for even faster service
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Rules and pre-orders

  • We only take pre-bookings on cross-country equipment in the category vasa/competition and on drag pulkor. Book by email: sportshopen@orsagronklitt.se. Please indicate the length, weight and shoe size and during which period you wish to rent.
  • It is forbidden to travel with rental skis
  • It is only allowed to ski on tracks and slopes with rented skis. Not on, for example, sandy roads.
  • We need your personal data and ID, check in online or on site.
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Equipment and prices

In the ski rental there is a wide selection! Among other things, there is alpine, telemark, length and snowboarding. Plastic sledges and snowracerare also available for rent.

The Sports Shop

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About The Sports Shop

In the sports shop there is all the equipment for a lovely day in the snow. Do you have your own alpine equipment that needs a little love? In our ski service there are years of experience when it comes to grinding and herding. We help you so that you and your equipment are tip top until you carve through the corduroy – from the first to the last run. Here you will find everything from socks and hats, from wax, poles and alpine skis. Here you will find lots of products from famous brands that suit our climate. If you are looking for cross-country skiing there are simpler models to buy here, at Längdcentrum you will find a wider range.

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Alpine workshop

For a successful and fun experience, we recommend that you hand in your alpine skis/snowboards for service in our well-equipped workshop.

Slalom skis


100 kr

Stenslip Bronze

400 kr

Stenslip Silver

500 kr

Stone slip Gold

600 kr

New assembly

250 kr


300 kr



100 kr

Grinding (surface, edge and wax)

600 kr

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Try first - buy later

Do you think about upgrading your existing equipment? In the ski rental you can test rent alla models. When you buy complete equipment (skis and boots) you also get at least 15% discount on the regular price.