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A top-notch Cross-country centre

In the Cross-country centre there are the best possible service. We take care of you all the way with herding, ski lessons, equipment.

Together with strong suppliers and knowledgeable staff, there is the best possible service for all needs, right at the tracks. Thanks to strong cooperation with suppliers and knowledgeable staff, Orsa Grönklitt has in recent years gained a reputation as one of Sweden's best facilities for cross-country skiing. Since 2017, the Cross-country centre i Orsa Grönklitt is also a service team for Lager 157 Ski Team, which is considered sweden's best long-distance team. At the Cross-country centre you will find everything you need for cross-country skiing and our staff will be happy to help you find the right equipment from head to toe.

What can we do for you?

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Every day of the season, the Cross-country centre offers wax service. Hand in your skis the day before to our top equipped workshop with knowledgeable staff, and you'll have your skis ready the next morning. You can even have your skis rolled while you wait. We offer grinding, fastening and sliding waxing, mounting and other help you might need for a lovely day in the grooves.

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Competition waxing

We are happy to help you wax your skis if you are going to go any races this winter. Contact us by email to langdcentrum@orsagronklitt.se or by phone +46(0)250-462 06.

Price list 2020/21

HF slide, powder & bracket

1 250 SEK

HF slide and mount

900 SEK

LF slide and mount

500 SEK

LF slide

350 SEK

HF slide

700 SEK

HF slide and powder1 050 SEK

Powder the entire sheath

1 250 SEK

HF slide the entire sheath

900 SEK


250 SEK


100 kr

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Measuring spans

The staff at Längdcentrum will be happy to help you measure the span of your skis. If you know the span, you will know if the skis suit you and within which zones to lay the fastening wall. Measuring on a bucket board costs 100 SEK. Measurement using Eiker bucket meters costs 200 SEK. Prices apply to cleaned skis.

Workshop price list

Price list 2020/21


150 SEK


150 SEK


150 SEK

Attached tape

200 SEK

Cleaning, sliding and fastening

400 SEK

Cleaning, sliding and attaching tape

450 SEK


100 SEK


from 50 SEK


150 SEK

Sled measurement on the board

100 SEK

Sled measurement on Eiker

100 SEK



550 SEK

Stenslip+HOTBOX+basic prepp

1 100 SEK


850 SEK

Measurement in HOTBOX

350 SEK

Measurement in HOTBOX+basic prepp

500 SEK

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Try first - buy later

A unique store on the track with a unique opportunity to test your product before choosing whether to buy. In order for a ski to be perfect for you, it is not enough to measure the span and by the right herding. At längdcentrum you get the ski mounted and herded for a test drive before you buy it. With 10 meters to the track, the procedure becomes a natural part of a qualifying purchase.