Parking and transport

In Orsa Grönklitt, everything is within reach. Please leave the car during your stay as a resident guest and use our transport lifts to get you to the slopes or track. Also take part of the Grönklitt Express, our own free bus that stops at six stops at the resort and takes you where you need. In this way, we create less congestion in our parking areas and at the same time do the environment a service.

The map below is interactive! Feel free to click around to learn more about each parking area.


For staying guests

If you live in a cottage or at the hostel in Orsa Grönklitt, the car can remain at your accommodation during your stay, here everything is within walking distance. For accommodation in Rovdjursbyn and Toppbyn there is a transport lift to the Alpine system. The holiday track and transit track give all residents the opportunity to ski cross-country skiing to and from other tracks as well as the ski stadium.

Day guests

Download our parking map and survey our various parking spaces and the proximity to all locations. Please respect the signage at the facility if prohibited parking. Remember not to park anyone. For those of you who have already ski passes and skis, it is possible to park at Norrbacken, under alternative parking you will find directions.

Alternative parking: Norrbacken

At Norrbacken there is the possibility to park, for those of you who already have ski passes. Through cooperation with Orsa Savings Forest, we have extended the Road Track (Pumphusvägen) to Norrbacken's parking lot. Directions from Orsa: Go through Hansjö past Bjus, Hornberga and continue until you see Norrbacken on your left side. 

Free restaurant transport

Grönklitt Express

Although most things are very close in Orsa Grönklitt, it can be nice not to go after a long ski day. During the winter we therefore run grönklitt express. A free bus that drives according to the map and stops at six stops scattered throughout the area. The last bit up to Toppstugan also goes the restaurant's own transport, quad bike with caterpillar feet and trolley that easily makes its way up the last steep.

Bus times:
17.00-20.00. Fridays and Saturdays starting in the Christmas week until the end in April. More info can be found in our app.

Snowmobile trip to Smidgården

Cozy snowmobile trip to Smidgården Fridays and Saturdays 17.30-20.00. The scooter from Ugglan and Björnen, next to Guest Centre, all the way to Smidgården.

Snowmobile to Toppstugan

Ride a scooter with sleigh last way up to Toppstugan, from the last stop of Grönklitt Express. The snowmobile tours to Toppstugan run Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 17.30-20.00.