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Children's Grönklitt

Orsa Grönklitt offers a wide range of family-oriented activities including a pool bath, ball sports area and exciting experience trail. Whether you are looking for adventure and challenges or fun sports games, most of it is within walking distance of both residents and restaurants.

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With us there is always something fun for the children to do! Playgrounds can be found at Rädsjön, at the centre area outside Restaurant Ugglan and Björnen, and at Lingonstigen.

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Ball sports area

A multisports arena is available with artificial grass and football, basketball and handball courts. This is directly connected to the restaurant, mini golf, put and take pond, playground, and swimming pool. Balls are available in the Guest Center.

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Mini golf is a cozy family activity on our fine forest course located near the pond and Restaurant Ugglan and Björnen.

Clubs and balls are rented through Närlivs in gästcenter.

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Bärra Wilderness School

On this activity you will learn the most important things to get by in the wilderness. We're learning how to make a fire. Go through where you can search for food and shelter and see the difference between traces from our Swedish predators. Pre-booked through the Guest Center no later than the day before. Gathering at längdcentrum.


Day: Wednesdays at 12:00 10.00–12.00
Age: From 7 years
Price: 170 SEK/child.

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Bärras adventure path

A playful adventure trail that starts behind längdcentrum and winds its way through the forest, down to Rädsjön and then on to the center. Here you will use both strength and balance to clear obstacle courses, mazes, logs, stones and water.

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Balance and obstacle course

Discover the wilderness-inspired balance, motor skills and obstacle course. It is adjacent to längdcentrum and contains trickery and obstacles for both physical and technical challenges, as well as competition for those who want to.

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Fishing opportunities in Rädsjön.

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Water activities

Experience beautiful Rädsjön! Try canoeing, kayaking or SUP.