Food and drink

In recent years, we have invested in developing flavors for both adults and children. Our choices are many, from grilled on the slopes to tasting menu at Restaurant Toppstugan.

In Orsa Grönklitt there is a wide range of food and experiences all year round. Whether it's a cozy dinner or filling lunch after a few hours on the slopes or on the bike saddle, there are good alternatives. You can choose if you wish to eat at one of our restaurants or cafes or visit our local market to make your own food in the cottage. All our eateries are located at a convenient distance from slopes, trails, swimming area, trails and other activities at the resort!


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Welcome to Toppstugan located at an altitude of 561 meters above sea level with miles of views of Siljan. Toppstugan offers a lovely lunch menu to saturate the stomach between the adventures at the resort and also tasty sandwiches as well as waffles and coffee for those who are a little less hungry.

Restaurang Ugglan och Björnens uteservering

Ugglan & Björnen

At Ugglan & Björnen there is a place for everyone. It offers the combination of restaurant, café and bar in the same local and also yummy buffet, tasty pizzas and grilled burgers. At Ugglan & Björnen there is also billiards, darts and the children's own playroom. Right in connection with our outdoor dining area you will also find the pool!

Of course, there is also free wifi throughout the room!

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Café Koppången

Welcome to sit down and enjoy a coffee or lunch. There are pastries, sandwiches and light lunches to choose from, such as goulash soup, baked potatoes and taco plate m.m. Kafé Koppången can be found at the entrance to Orsa Rovdjurspark.

NB! Between the winter season and the summer season, only light coffee is served at Kafé Koppången!

Food experiences in nature

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Slogbodar & Grillplatser

Along the paths around Rädsjön there are several shelters with arranged barbecue towns. Directly adjacent to cottages and playgrounds, several barbecue towns are exposed. A large barbecue area is available by the chairlift!

Närbild på en vedeldad brasa inifrån Rädsjöstugan i Orsa Grönklitt


There's something special about food over an open fire! On the eastern shore of Lake Rädsjön is an old-fashioned timbered fire pallet hut with room for the whole group of friends.  Book through the Guest Center by phone 0250-462 12.

Grocery store

Bild på hyllorna i Närvlivsbutiken i Orsa Grönklitt

Grocery store

Centrally located next to the Guest Center is our Närlivs. Welcome to our small grocery store with a selection of basic goods and the most necessary fresh and refrigerated goods.