The Tale of Blueberry Bärra

Blueberry Bärra is the popular and very mischievous mascot who lives in Blueberry Forest in Orsa Grönklitt. Bärra originally lived in an ordinary forest where there were lots of fun things to discover and eat such as ants, moss, berries and mushrooms.


Since Bärra was originally an ordinary blueberry, he and the other blueberry friends had to be careful when the children were out in the woods playing. They were just like regular blueberries, very small there next to the ground and risked both being trampled on – maybe even eaten! Bärra and the other berries therefore learned to hide from the dangers of the forest among the blueberry rice.

One day Bärra met a kind little goblin in the woods. They started talking about life among the trees, moss and mushrooms and Bärra told them about his and his blueberry friends' problems with the children. The goblin then came up with an idea; what if Bärra became the size of a giant? Bärra was of course very happy at the thought! Said and done, the goblin made the little blueberry Bärra as big as a human.

Now that Bärra was so big, he didn't have to worry anymore about being eaten or trampled on in the Blueberry Forest. Bärra and the goblin together made a super fun ski area in Orsa Grönklitt's forests and named it just, Blueberry Forest. Here you can meet Bärra and a whole bunch of his funny buddies. Meet small tree blueberries that look at all the children who comes, blueberries that go snowboarding and some that like to sing. The old blueberry has lived there the longest and keeps order in the forest, but suit yourself for the mischievous troll blueberry that throws snowballs at everyone who goes by! Bärra also has a lot of exciting animal companions, including leopards, polar bears and wolves.

Bärra can't speak like we humans, but only speaks the secret blueberry language. In contrast, he makes gestures, loves hugs and has many friends who can interpret for him.

Sometimes Bärra is out on adventures in other places and finds pranks so keep an eye on everything from campsites to mountain resorts for our mischievous mascot. Bärra always has a lot of fun adventures going on – join us at Blåbäret Bärra's adventure!