Bärra's best ski tips!

Everyone can learn to ski, even a blueberry!

To become a really good skier, you have to fall at least 1000 times, according to The Blueberry Bärra.

How many times Bärra himself has fallen, he has lost count of that. Here he shares his very best technique tips for you to become as good a skier as himself!

Bärra's best ski tips - length

Tecknad Bärra som åker skidor


Angle your feet out like "Donald Duck" and pull out your skis as if you're skating. Different gears depending on the slope. Tip: Test without rods first.

Tecknad Bärra som stakar på skidor


Raise your hands so that you get them up to your eyes, lean forward until the poles touch the snow, pull until your hands get to your hip then get back up.

Tecknad Bärra som diagonalar på skidor

Diagonal riding

Lean forward slightly, start walking on the skis to get the right movement in, then push away to start riding TIP: Ride without poles.

Tecknad Bärra som saxar på skidor


Walk slowly but surely with your feet like "Donald Duck" the steeper the more angle of the skis.

Tecknad Bärra som åker utför på skidor


Curl up like a meatball and have your eyes straight ahead, go for it!

Bärra's best ski tips - alpine

Tecknad Bärra som plogar


When plowing, remember to bend your legs a little. Stand on both feet in your boots and get your skis together and push your heels out so the skis get a kind of a pizza slice or ice cream cone. You can put your hands on your knees or hold your hands in front of you. Look ahead.

Tecknad Bärra som åker skidor

Pararella skis

When you dare to ride with a little more speed, you ride with the skis next to each other like two ice cream sticks. When you turn, you can either make a skidding turn or a carving turn using the edges of the skis. You hold your hands in front of you or take help and turn in the direction you are going to turn in the big turns.

Tecknad Bärra som åker snowboard


Snowboarding can feel a little strange to be stuck with both feet. Remember to have the weight on the front leg. Bend your legs and turn your upper body in the direction you are going. Use your arms and clearly show which direction you are going. Keep your gaze far away and don't look down into the snow.

Tecknad Bärra som åker lift

Go by lift

When you start riding a lift, it may be easiest to hold the button so that the disembarkation becomes easier before you get used to moving your feet with skis on. When you get on the lift make sure that the skis point straight up in the direction of travel of the lift.

Tecknad Bärra som åker skidor

Bärra's ski-band

Slide up on the ski-band and hold the skis next to each other on the band. Stand still with weight on both feet and keep your balance. When you get to the top of the ski-band, slide it off and quickly step to the side so that whoever comes behind you doesn't ride on you.