Blåbäret Bärra står mitt i slalombacken i Orsa Grönklitt

Ski fun with Bärra

Join Bärra!

Learning to ski should be linked to joy and playfulness. That's why we've created ski fun with Bärra, which is based on just that.

To become a really good skier, you have to fall at least 100 times, says the Blueberry Bärra. Learning to ski should be linked to joy and playfulness. That's why we've created ski fun with Bärra, which is based on just that. Together with the Blueberry Bärra, who is the children's best friend in Orsa Grönklitt, we have created various skiing opportunities around the resort. Whether it's cross-country skiing or alpine skiing.

Bärra's best ski tips!

The Blueberry Bärra is a fin on skis, both alpine and cross-country. Here he shares his very best skiing tips!

Maskoten Bärra med 3 barn framför sig i alpina kläder

Bärra badges

Complete exciting challenges and collect all our Bärra badges!

Berry breed's favorite area

Children's Hill

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The children's slope is extremely popular with its perfect slope and customized lifts with different speeds. On the children's slope there are Bärra's ski-band and Bärra's ski carousel.

Bärra's ski carousel


Bärra's ski carousel consists of button lifts that slowly spin around. It provides the opportunity to playfully teach children to ride a lift and handle the skis.

Bärras ski-band

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Bärra's ski-band make it easier to learn how to find your balance on the skis when you go uphill – perfect before the first lift ride!

The Carrier Tracks

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For the smallest cross-country skiers, the Bärra trails are available at the facility. One at Råtjärn /skogsbyn, one at Predator Village and one next to the barbecue area at barnbacken.

Bärra's off-piste

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In Bärra's off-piste you can embark on an adventure trail through the forest. The path's natural path creates exciting and sometimes tricky turns.

Blueberry Forest

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Here live not only Bärra but several singing figures in the undulating blue descents. Here you can choose to ride on the piste or discover your own trails and small detour roads in the forest.

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Bärra's ski playground

Right next to the Cross Country Center you will find our ski playground for cross-country skiing! Perfect for all children to train their skills in both classic and skate skiing.

Fun with Blueberry Club!

Here in Orsa Grönklitt always has something fun going on! From Monday to Saturday there are a variety of exciting leader-led activities to participate in. Our popular mascot Blueberry Bärra is often involved in making sure that it is mischievous fun. Join us on adventures – there is a lot of fun for both young and old.