Vy över Padelbana och louchdelen i Orsa Grönklitt

Grönklitt Padel

Orsa Grönklitt Padel

Padel is a fun activity that suits young and old. The rules of the game themselves are easy, making it a perfect family activity no matter what level you are at.

From winter 21/22 you can play padel in our nice indoor hall. A perfect complement to our activities and suitable no matter what weather it is outside.

Padel, which is one of Sweden's fastest growing sports, is a mix between tennis and squash. The rules are simple and it's fun to play together regardless of age and previous experience with racket sports. Our brand new hall has two double courts, a single court, a ceiling height of 10.5 meters and really good light, which makes it easier to get a good game. After all, it is good if you can see the ball properly and that it does not bounce on the ceiling. To play, you need a padel racket, grip line and some padel balls, which is available to rent / buy in the hall if you do not have your own equipment. in the padel neck there is also a lounge to pause in between games.

If you ask us, padel is the perfect activity to put in between cycling, skiing, hiking and running. Especially on those days when the weather is in a bad mood. Of course, it is also possible to book the entire hall for, for example, league matches for those of you who are a larger group or a company. We also offer courses and private lessons upon request.

Company or group? We are happy to help you plan and book a longer stay with both activity, food and accommodation!

Welcome to alternate other activities with a match in padel before the cottage cozy awaits!

Två padelspelare som kör match i Orsa Grönklitt

Make an appointment

Our hall is open between 06.00-24.00. Generous opening hours, which means that there is always time for a match! The times are booked per hour easily via Matchi.se. When booking, you will also receive the code needed to take yours into the hall!

En fotölj i lounchdel med vy över pandelbana

Our courses

Inside the hall you will find two double courts (SEK 450 / hour) and a single track (SEK 300 / hour) for rent! In the hall there are high ceilings (10.5 meters in ceiling height) and good light (700 LUX), which are two great advantages when gaming!

Padelracket och padelboll på en bänk med padelbana i bakgrunden

Forgot the equipment

No problem! Inside the hall you will find a machine for renting rackets and buying balls and grip wrap:

  • Racket: 60 SEK/pc
  • Balls: 80 kr/3-pack
  • Grip wrap: 90 kr/3-pack

You will also find clothes in the souvenir shop inside the Predator Center!

Lounchdelen inne i Grönklitt Padel. Fotöljer runt ett bord

Some energy after the game

Inside the hall you will find a machine with sales of coffee, soft drinks and snacks. You will also find a water tap to be able to refill the water bottle.

If you are a little hungrier, you will also find Café Koppången on the other side of the parking lot inside the entrance to Predator Park, with both coffee and light lunches!

Två vita handdukar som hänger på krok

Dressing room

Right next to the hall is the Cross Country Center with its larger changing rooms at its disposal. There is also the possibility of a shower.

Inside the room there is also a simple booth for changing and a toilet!

Logga för Grönklitt Padel

Sale of clothing

In the entrance to Predator Park you will find sales of clothes with Grönklitt Padel logo.

Here you will find, among other things:

  • Feature T-shirt (Men's and Women's)
  • Shorts (Men's and Women's)
  • Feature Hoodie (Men's and Women's)
  • Water bottle
  • Padel bag
Book an appointment easily via Matchi.se

The rules are easy

The advantage of padel is that the rules are so easy that everyone can play it! Guaranteed fun for the whole family!

How to count points
Other rules
Tips on serve
Think about every serve
Work your way forward and take over the web
Have fun playing
Bla Ba Retba Rra Vinter 13

Bärra's best padel tips!

Padel is a fun sport and it is important to keep track of where the ball is! A good exercise to train your reaction skills is to try standing against a wall and asking mom or dad to throw soft balls at you to avoid!

Which racket should I have?

48744150 Padel

Three shapes of the racket

  • Diamond-shaped - has a high balance punk and gives a lot of power behind the ball, but a little worse focused on control. Suitable for slightly more experienced players.
  • Drop-shaped - Has a good balance point and offers a good mix of power and control. Suitable for most players.
  • Round-shaped - Is low balanced and provides maximum control. Suitable for those who are strong on the defensive end and less aggressive on the net.

The weight of the padel racket

The weight of your padel racket has a great impact on the power you get. A lighter racket is more maneuverable, while a heavier one allows you to hit harder. Know which racket is right for you!