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First touch of the mountains

Orsa Grönklitt in Dalarna gives you first touch of the mountains, with everything you could wish for from views and magnificent scenery.
This is the complete summer holiday for the whole family. 60 km of cycling trails, lake and pool baths, wide range of activities and Orsa Predator Park.
Everything is cnearby, just 33 miles from Stockholm with modern accommodation and a wide range of services within walking distance of trails and adventures.



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Orsa Predator Park

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An Active Holiday

Orsa Grönklitt is open all year, with us you will find everything for the active holiday with the family! We have lots of different activities to choose from. Take a trip on Rädsjön on a canoe or kayak, or why not try to paddle this year's news SUP? Take a swim in the pool after dinner at Restaurang Ugglan & Björnen and play a game of miniature golf before bedtime. Do you want to exercise you have lots of lovely running tracks to put your feet on. You can also ride a mountain bike or spend some time in our outdoor gym!

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VR-tour on Orsa Grönklitt

Here you can take a tour in our cabins, the hotel, the reception, shop, service buildings, restaurant and on the conferance. If you have VR goggles, the experience is even better. Click on the button to see a larger picture!

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Now it is possible booking for the winter 2017-2018

  Cross-country skiing in Orsa Grönklitt is known as one of Sweden's best. Here you have excellent and varied tracks for all ages and styles, many moderately hilly tracks but also really tough ones!

The Swedish Cross-Country Team uses Orsa Grönklitt as one of their training grounds and Sweden's new leading endurance racing team. Lager 157 Ski Team also chooses Orsa Grönklitt. A fine quality proof! Orsa Grönklitt is also an official center for Vasaloppet.

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